Month: November 2020

Special Open Market Operations

The Reserve Bank of India has recently proposed to conduct a Special Open Market Operation (OMO) on November 26th,2020.  This operation would involve simultaneous purchase and sale of securities worth Rs.10,000 crore. What is Open Market Operation? Open Market Operation… Read More

Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance

The ‘Five Eyes’ is an intelligence alliance that comprises of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom for signal collection and intelligence. These five countries are also parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, which is a… Read More

Willow Warbler

Willow warbler (Scientific name: Phylloscopus trochilus) is one of the longest migrating small bird, usually seen in European and Palearctic regions. These birds breed all over the northern and temperate Europe and the Palearctic. Paleartic is an ecozone i.e. the… Read More

Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project (MITP)

The Government of India, Meghalaya state government, and the World Bank signed a loan agreement of USD 120 million for the Meghalaya Integrated Transport Project (MITP). The project aims to expand transport connectivity in Meghalaya by using climate-resilient solutions to… Read More

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)

IRNSS is an independent regional navigation satellite system developed by India, to provide accurate position information for the navigation of ships around the Indian Ocean. Its operational name is NavIC. India fourth country to get IMO approval for navigation satellite… Read More

National New-Born Week

National New-born Week is observed between November 15 and 21 every year in India with an aim to highlight the importance of new-born and maternal health. Every year, approximately 2.6 million new-born babies die in the first 28 days of… Read More

Booker Prize

The Booker Prize is a literary prize that is awarded each year to the best original novel written in the English language and published in the United Kingdom. The first Booker Award was given in 1969 to English Novelist P…. Read More

Reserve Bank of India Innovation Hub

Reserve Bank of India Innovation Hub (RBIH) is a hub created by the central bank for financial products. It acts as a centre for ideation and evolution of new capabilities that can be leveraged for creating innovative and feasible financial… Read More

Boeing 737 MAX

737 Max is a 4th generation aircraft that has been manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). It is a narrow-bodied airliner which succeeds 737 Next Generation type aircrafts. Boeing 737 MAX took its first flight on 29th January, 2016 and… Read More

Mahajan Commission Report

The Mahajan Commission pertains to the border dispute over the region of Belgaum between the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Belgaum is presently a part of Karnataka. During the British India, it was a part of Bombay Presidency. What is… Read More