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2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI): Key Highlights

In the recently released 2022 Environmental Performance Index, India has been ranked at the bottom of the list. This index is analyzed by researchers from Columbia University and the Earth Institute of Yale. India has scored the lowest among 180 countries in this index that evaluated the environmental performance of the 180 countries.

When was the index started?

The EPI is a biennial index that was started in the year 2002 as Environmental Sustainability Index by the World Economic Forum in association with:

How are the countries scored and ranked?

According to the report, the countries are ranked and scored in this index on the basis of their environmental performance by using the most recent year’s available data. The scores are calculated with the goal of observing how they have changed over the previous years. In this latest report, 180 countries have been ranked based on 40 performance indicators across 11 issue categories on climate change performance, environmental health, and vitality of the ecosystem.

Who are the top 5 countries on the list?

  1. Denmark: EPI Score- 77.90 and 10-year change- 14.90
  2. United Kingdom: EPI Score- 77.70 and 10-year change- 23.00
  3. Finland- EPI Score- 76.50 and 10-year change- 21.00
  4. Malta- EPI Score- 75.20 and 10-year change- 25.20
  5. Sweden- EPI Score- 72.70 and 10-year change- 15.80

Who are the bottom 5 countries on the list?

What is India’s score on this index?

On this index, India has received a score of 18.9. The three main categories under which the scores have been given are:

In the ecosystem vitality category, India has scored 19.3 and the change in this area in the last decade is -2. The nation scored 12.5 on health, which means there is poor drinking water, air quality, and sanitation. The waste management of the country in terms of solid wastes, ocean plastics, and recycling is also poor.

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