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Effective devolution of finances is an important requirement for Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) to fulfill their objectives. Discuss while also elaborating on the reasons behind lack of financial resources for PRIs in India.

The 73rd constitutional amendment act 1992 gave recognition to the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in India. However, PRIs have been unable to achieve their dreams of self-sufficient villages for which ..

What is liquidity trap? Discuss its implications on the economy.

Monetary policy can kickstart the economy by decreasing the interest rates so that the borrowing becomes cheaper and the economy grows with the help of investment, but this process is ..

Explain the need for diversification of the energy basket in India. Identify the associated challenges in this regard.

Energy consumption has a strong association with Human Development Index. Also, it powers the economy and most essential requirement for industrialization. It helps in achieving a higher standard of living. ..

Highlight the Importance of the Manufacturing Sector in Economic Development. Discuss the Need for a New Industrial Policy.

The manufacturing sector constitutes nearly 16-17% of India’s GDP and is an important pillar for industrialization and inclusive growth. Importance of the Manufacturing sector: Employs nearly 45% of the population, ..

While Port-led Development in India Has Numerous Advantages, It Is Being Held Back by a Number of Constraints. Discuss.

India has a 7500 km long coastline and 14500 km long inland waterways system. It has a huge potential for transportation and can be a gamechanger. However, this immense potential ..

SWOT Analysis of Food Processing Sector in India

Food processing refers to the value addition to the raw agricultural product, in order to improve its quality, make it edible or increase its shelf life through various physical and ..

Monetary and Fiscal Measures to Address Inflation

Inflation refers to the rate at which prices rise in the economy. According to the monetary policy framework, the tolerable range is 4% ± 2% (2% to 6%). Inflation decreases ..