Aerial seeding in Aravalli Region: Key Facts

Designed by IIT-Kanpur backed startup aerial seeding technique has been employed by the Haryana government to improve green cover in the Aravalli area of the state. The project is being carried on a pilot basis to rejuvenate the low vegetation density of Aravalli and Shivalik hills. Using this method plantation on 100 acres is planned to be attempted during the pilot project.

Aerial Seeding:

It is an innovative technique of plantation wherein seeds covered with a mixture of clay, compost, charcoal and other components in a definite ratio are sprayed on the ground using aerial devices, like planes, helicopters or drones. The coating of various components over the seed is done to drop the seed on a preset location rather than getting scattered in the air. These seed pellets will then germinate during the monsoon. The various nutrients present within the seed coating will help the seeds in the initial phase of its growth.


This technology is a boon for areas which are inaccessible or disconnected with the rest of the civilization. The beneficial part is that this process of seed germination requires no attention after it is dispersed in the soil, this is the reason why these seed pellets are known as “Fire and Forget” way of the plantation. It also terminates the process of ploughing and digging holes in the soil which is a very labour-intensive job. As the seeds are already surrounded by soil, minerals, nutrients and micro-organisms therefore, they do not need to be planted.

Aravalli Range:

When the Indian plate was separated from the Eurasian plate by an ocean it gave way to the birth of a new mountain range running approximately 692 km. in a south-west direction starting near Delhi passing through southern Haryana and Rajasthan, and finally ending in Gujarat. The highest peak of Aravalli mountain range is Guru Shikhar at 1,722 metres (5,650 ft).