TRP scam and BARC


Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) in a released statement said that, it is committed to maintain a clean and transparent ecosystem as well as remains committed to its stakeholders. Recently, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked for the report from the BARC over the ranking of TV channels on the backdrop of the allegations about the scam of manipulating Television Rating Points (TRP).

What is Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC)?

It is an industry body created in 2010 jointly owned by advertisers, ad agencies and broadcasting companies. The stakeholders consisted of Broadcasters (IBF), Advertisers (ISA) and Advertising & Media Agencies (AAAI). Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) is the world’s largest television measurement science industry body.

Key facts about BARC

  • It is an industry body set up to design, commission, supervise and own an accurate and timely television audience measurement system (television ratings) for India.
  • It ensures to establish a robust, transparent and accountable governance framework for providing data points that are required to plan media spending effectively.
  • It was set up as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoI&B) Government of India.

What is Television Rating Points (TRP)

The Television Rating Point (TRP) is a tool that shows us which channel and programmes are viewed most. It tells how many times people are watching a channel or a programme. It shows the percentage of target audience reached by the television or a programme and enables them to understand the needs and mood of the audience. A device is attached to the television set in a few thousand viewer’s houses to calculate impressions. Using the device, the special code is generated during the programme that records the time and programme that a viewer watches on a particular day. The viewership status for the particular channel is calculated by taking 30 days average period.

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