Assess the efforts India has taken towards achieving the goal of strategic plan for biodiversity (2011-2020).

The COP 10 on the convention of biodiversity adopted a 10-year framework, also known as the “Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020)”. It provided a set of 20 ambitious yet achievable targets also known as Aichi Targets for Biodiversity.

Efforts made by India to achieve the goal:

  • India’s forest policy aims at achieving the target of 33% of land under forest cover (currently around 25% approximately).
  • More than 20% of India’s total geographical area is under biodiversity conservation.
  • The population of Lion and one-horned rhinos has substantially increased.
  • Measures for sustainable management of agriculture, fisheries, and forests have been put in place.
  • The mechanism for the preservation of genetic diversity and traditional knowledge related to biodiversity has also been adopted.
  • The national biodiversity act 2002 has been implemented for the conservation of plant and animal biodiversity.


  • Illegal encroachment of eco-sensitive zones around protected areas.
  • Animals living outside protected areas and increasing instances of human-wildlife conflicts.
  • Preservation of plant and genetic variety and acknowledgment of rights of farmers has not been appropriate.
  • Illegal fishing and mining activities in ecologically fragile areas are leading to species loss.

The recently adopted Kunming declaration at COP15 of UNCBD sets ambitious targets for countries to be achieved with a collective effort for the collective good.


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