Bangladesh Allowed to Import Onions from India.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade has lifted the ban on export of onions that were in transit to all the countries including the neighbor Bangladesh. This decision was taken in a  meeting between Ministry of External Affairs and Commerce.


  • India recently had decided to ban the export of onions to other countries including the Bangladesh after the crop was damaged.
  • The ban was imposed as the prices in the retail onion markets shot up.
  • Crop damage and price hike happened mainly because of high rainfall in the month of August.
  • Also, the Flood like situation amid the high rainfall destroyed the onions stocks in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • Further, he demand for Indian onions was rising from international market including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Gulf Countries. So, India imposed the ban.

How does the ban affected Bangladesh?

The prices of onions in Bangladesh increased up to 100 Taka per kilogram after the ban was imposed which stands nearly three times the normal price of onions in the country. Later, Bangladesh raised the concerns. Thus, India lifted the ban after Bangladesh High Commission complained to India about price hike.

Onion Production In Bangladesh

Bangladesh total production of onion stands at 25.57 lakh tons every year While, the demand of onion in Bangladesh is 25 lakh tonnes.  So the country is self-sufficient in onions. But, large quantity of this perishable crop got damaged there. To fulfil the demands and make up the deficit Bangladesh started importing onions from India. Apart from India, Bangladesh also import onions from Turkey and Egypt.