Bangladesh government launched ‘no mask, no service’ policy

The Bangladesh government has launched the ‘no mask, no service’ policy on October 26, 2020. Government has decided that no service will be provided to people who don’t wear masks.


The decision was taken during a cabinet meeting Chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It was decided that no one will be allowed to enter offices without the mask. It also notified that all offices must install notice boards saying ‘no mask, no service’ so as to control the spread of COVID 19 virus in the country.

COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh

COVID-19 case in Bangladesh was first reported on March 8, 2020 by the epidemiology institute, IEDCR of Bangladesh. Since then the number of affected people has been increasing consistently. Currently, it is the second most affected country in South Asia, after India.

How Government is responding?

After the first death was reported in March, the government of Bangladesh announced a general holiday (Lockdown) in March itself which is being as per the need. Government has also imposed social distancing norms and various travelling restrictions in order to contain the spread of disease. With the strict imposition of these norms, the trend f flattening covid-19 cases curve is being observed in the country since June 2020.

Vaccine in Bangladesh

China invited Bangladesh in June to get priority access to COVID-19 vaccine after it is developed.  Along with that, Bangladesh also started developing the coronavirus vaccine. Sinovac Biotech vaccine was given approval by the Bangladesh Medical Research Council to begin a third-phase trial in July 2020.