BepiColombo Spacecraft crossed Venus.

The BepiColombo Space Craft has crossed the Venus in its journey towards Mercury. The spacecraft was launched jointly by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and European Space Agency to explore planet Mercury.


BepiColombo was launched on the Ariane 5 rocket and will arrive Mercury in 2025. This Mission is a part of the Horizon 2000+ Programme by the European Space Agency. This was the last spacecraft of the programme. The BepiColombo spacecraft consists of two satellites launched namely,  Mercury Planetary Orbiter and Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter. These two satellites were launched together. They will separate once they arrive Mercury.

Objective of the mission

This spacecraft mission has been launched to explore and study the mercury. The spacecraft would be studying the characterisation of magnetosphere and the external and surface magnetic field of the mercury. It will study the solid and liquid cores of mercury and perform magnetic and gravitational field mappings there. The mission also seeks to verify existence of water in the polar craters. These craters lies in the permanent shadow zone from the sun’s rays. The verification of water would be carried by using the Gamma ray and neutron spectrometers. These tools have been provided by Russia. The mission will also verify Relativity Theory of Einstein


The BepiColombo spacecraft have been named after the scientist Giuseppe BepiColombo. The spacecraft was first used in 1974 on the Mariner 10 mission. This technique is now used by planetary space crafts frequently.