Bharat Block-chain Network and Polyversity Metaverse: Highlights

On 6th June 2022, the Polyversity and Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN) were launched by the Information Data Systems (IDS). The Bharat Blockchain Network is an academic blockchain group while Polyversity is a metaverse of the educational field.

Which organization is developing the Bharat Blockchain Network?

The Information Data Systems is developing the BBN. The BBN is the country’s “countrywide hybrid blockchain network” which has been envisaged to enable blockchain projects in various fields of academic interest. The projects under the BBN will be empowered keeping in line with the NEP 2020. The blockchain projects will be in:

  • verifiable credentials issuance
  • governance
  • audit trail
  • transfer of student
  • skill badges.

For the BBN, IDS has tied up with more than a hundred academic associates.

What do you understand about Polyversity?

It is the nation’s largest educational metaverse. It has more than a hundred academic associates. The partners are setting up virtual campuses with the aim of making education significant, accessible, and alluring. In Polyversity, the academic associates will be assigned land parcels. In the metaverse, AICTE has set up its office, thus, becoming the first Indian organization in this field.

How is AICTE providing support?

Both newly launched initiatives are being provided support by the AICTE and are being driven by the IDS. THE AICTE’s support endorses a feeling of national importance. The IDS is looking to skill 5,00,000 students in the field of blockchain technology. Keeping in line with the NEP 2020, the IDS and Polyversity are one of 260 new digital universities that will be formulated with the aim of increasing the gross enrolment ratio and enabling skilled workers in the country.

What is the Information Data Systems?

It is a worldwide corporation whose head office is located in Michigan. This organization offers its services to the Fortune 500 companies since the year 1996. It works in the field of blockchain technology and also provides training in the sectors of upcoming technologies such as Blockchain, Cyber Security, etc. The customers of IDS also include schools, governments, universities, etc.


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