Bill to make CM as Chancellor of State Universities in West Bengal: Highlights

On 13th June 2022, the State Assembly of West Bengal passed a bill under which Mamata Banerjee, the CM of the state will become the Chancellor of all state universities. Earlier, this spot was held by the Governor of the state.

What is the name of the bill?

The bill “West Bengal University Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2022” passed the state assembly after it received 182 votes in favor while 40 votes were against it. Even though the assembly has passed the bill, the final approval has to be given by the governor Jagdeep Dhankar.

What was the view of the opposition regarding this bill?

This bill was opposed by the BJP. The party alleged that the appointment of the CM can lead to political interference in the education system of the state.

What can the governor do now?

The governor, Jagdeep Dhankhar can approve the bill or hold it or can return it to the Assembly to be reconsidered. But after reconsideration, if the bill is again passed by the Assembly then he will have no other option than to approve it. Another alternative is that the bill might be reserved for the President’s consideration by the Governor. The President can then, instead of approving it, ask the Governor to return the bill to the Assembly. After reconsideration, the Assembly can send it back, still, the President can withhold approval as the Constitution of India doesn’t levy a time limit on the President to decide on such matters.


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