C-DAC will commission ‘PARAM Siddhi – AI’ – India’s fastest HPC-AI Supercomputer

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) will commission the India’s largest High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence (HPC-AI) supercomputer, ‘PARAM Siddhi – AI’.  This would put India into top countries in the field of global AI supercomputing research and innovation.


  • The supercomputer will have 210 AI Petaflops
  • It will be based on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.
  • The supporting infrastructure for the supercomputer will be established under NSM at C-DAC, with support from Niti Aayog, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Department of Science and Technology and the central government.
  • The computer will use NVIDIA Next Generation technology, C-DAC software stack and Cloud platform.


  • The super computer will develop ecosystem for research and innovation in science and engineering.
  • With expertise in AI and augmenting the AI and Language Computing Mission Mode Program of C-DAC, it will boost experiments and outcomes in Health Care, Education, Energy, Cyber Security, Space, Automotive and Agriculture in India.
  • It will also enhance the partnerships with the Academia, Start-ups,  Industry and MSMEs.

Super Computers of India

  • The first super computer was  “Param Shivay” built under the National Supercomputing Mission by C-DAC.
  • IIT-Kharagpur was the first institute to establish supercomputing facility under the National Supercomputing Mission.
  • Other Indian super computers with global ranking based on their speed is listed below:
  1.  Pratyush– It is holding 39th position in the world and is located in Indian Institute of Meteorology.
  2. Mihir, which holds  66th position in the world located in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting.
  3. InC1 is holding 206th rank.
  4. SERC, that is Supercomputer Education Research Centre at Indian Institute of Science, holds 327th rank.
  5. iDataPlex that holds 496th rank.

Fastest super computer

Fugaku super computer from Japan with its speed 415 petaFlops is the world fastest supercomputer.

National Supercomputing Mission

The Mission was implemented by C-DAC with an aim of developing the national research and development institutions across the country. It mission is moving forward by installing vast supercomputing grid across the country that also include more than 70 high-performance computing facilities.