UPSC Mains Questions 26. Factors Responsible for Location of Industries Across India

Highlight the factors that lead to industrial inertia and also give a few examples from Indian context.

When industries don’t move away from an area, despite the disadvantages of the location where it is located, this phenomenon is called industrial inertia. Factors that contribute to Industrial Inertia: ..

Highlight the reasons for high concentration of plantation in south India. Give an account of significance and challenges that the plantation sector of south India is confronted with.

Plantation refers to agricultural practices of growing single crops mostly of commercial importance like sugarcane, coffee, tea, palm, bananas, etc. Reasons for high concentration in South India: Weather – The ..

Highlighting the ditribution of coal in India, discuss the issues associated with coal mining.

Mainly two types of Coal are found in India in two main geographical zones viz Gondwana Coal and tertiary Coal. Gondwana Coal It makes up 98% of total reserves. Carbon ..