UPSC Mains Questions 27. Important Geophysical Phenomena

Pattern of Indian monsoon has been witnessing changes in recent decades. Examine in the light of recent studies linking the phenomenon to climate change. Discuss the efforts being taken to mitigate the effects of change in monsoon patterns.

Monsoon refers to the seasonal reversal of winds that occurs over the Indian subcontinent and brings along with it rainfall during southwest summer monsoon and northeast winter monsoon. Recent changes ..

In light of various recent studies, discuss how climate change is affecting the jet streams.

Jet streams refer to a narrow band of fast and strong winds moving in the upper atmosphere horizontally, generally flowing from west to east. They play a crucial role in ..

Explaining the origin of earth’s magnetism, discuss its significance with special reference to its interaction with solar particles.

Geomagnetism refers to the property of earth acting as a magnet, with periodic reversal in the direction of polarisation. Origin of magnetism: Metallic elements like nickel and iron are present ..