UPSC Mains Questions 30. Salient Features Significant Provisions of Constitution

The tenth schedule of the constitution has weakened the democratic credentials of India’s representative democracy. Critically analyze.

The 52nd constitutional amendment act 1985, introduced the 10th schedule in the Indian constitution also known as Anti defection law. Provisions of this schedule are: It provides for disqualification of ..

Parliamentary oversight of administration is not an end in itself rather it acts as a means to strengthen the efficient functioning of administration. Discuss.

The constitution of India provides for the separation of power between the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. The executive (council of ministers) is responsible to the parliament (Article 75), ..

There exists a wide gap between the constitutionally professed secularism and its practice in India. Do you agree? Substantiate with relevant arguments.

Secularism refers to the separation between state and religion. In India, it further means equal protection and respect for all religions. Constitutionally professed secularism: Article 15 and 16 prohibits discrimination ..