UPSC Mains Questions 44. Development Processes and Development Industry in India

There has been a recent focus of government on the MSME sector and many initiatives have been launched for this sector, however, the MSME sector still suffers from many bottlenecks. In this context, discuss the hurdles, opportunities, and measures for the MSME sector.

MSME sector in India contributes to 30% of GDP & 45% of merchandise exports. Recent steps taken for the development of MSMEs: Same treatment for manufacturing and service sector MSMEs. ..

Despite being considered as a gamechanger for food processing industry, the progress of Mega food parks has remained slow. Discuss.

Mega Food Parks (MFPs) provide a modern infrastructure facility for food processing along with a value chain from farm to market through a cluster-based approach. Currently, 22 MFPs are operational ..

Has India succeeded in its mission of Digital India to transform India into a digitally empowered society? Critically analyze.

Digital India program of GOI envisaged building upon 3 pillars viz, Digital infrastructure & network, Digital service delivery system, and digital empowerment of citizens. The success of Digital India: E-governance ..

Highlighting the ditribution of coal in India, discuss the issues associated with coal mining.

Mainly two types of Coal are found in India in two main geographical zones viz Gondwana Coal and tertiary Coal. Gondwana Coal It makes up 98% of total reserves. Carbon ..

While Port-led Development in India Has Numerous Advantages, It Is Being Held Back by a Number of Constraints. Discuss.

India has a 7500 km long coastline and 14500 km long inland waterways system. It has a huge potential for transportation and can be a gamechanger. However, this immense potential ..