UPSC Mains Questions 58. Indian Economy Issues Relating to Planning

Financial stability is generally the domain of monetary authority; however, the fiscal policy of the government has the potential to either facilitate or undermine it. Analyze in the context of India.

Financial stability in a broader sense means keeping the macro economic fundamentals stable i.e, Inflation, interest rates, liquidity, etc. Monetary policy refers to tools used by the RBI to maintain ..

It has been suggested that large corporate and industrial houses should be allowed to act as promoters of banks. Critically analyze.

Historically, RBI has not been very liberal in providing banking licenses to private players. The last ones to get the licenses were IDBI and Bandhan Bank, which too for specific ..

Economic inequality in India is on rise. What are its consequences and the reasons behind it? Discuss.

India’s Gini coefficient value hovers around 0.9 on the Lorenz curve, where the value 1 is perfect inequality and 0 is perfect equality. Inequality has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. ..

India needs to move from an annual budget cycle to a medium-term fiscal framework for the economic and political sustainability of fiscal policy. Discuss.

The budget cycle in India corresponds with the annual financial cycle which gives estimates of expenditure & receipts of the government finances. Along with the budget, the FRBM Act, 2003 ..

Establishment of National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development (NBFID) will boost India’s growth but it will have its own set of challenges. Discuss.

National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development aims at: Financing Lend, invest via long-term loans Attract financing & investment Development of bond/capital market for infrastructure financing Functions of NBFID Extending ..

SWOT Analysis of Food Processing Sector in India

Food processing refers to the value addition to the raw agricultural product, in order to improve its quality, make it edible or increase its shelf life through various physical and ..