UPSC Mains Questions 60. Economic Growth Development

Financial stability is generally the domain of monetary authority; however, the fiscal policy of the government has the potential to either facilitate or undermine it. Analyze in the context of India.

Financial stability in a broader sense means keeping the macro economic fundamentals stable i.e, Inflation, interest rates, liquidity, etc. Monetary policy refers to tools used by the RBI to maintain ..

It has been suggested that large corporate and industrial houses should be allowed to act as promoters of banks. Critically analyze.

Historically, RBI has not been very liberal in providing banking licenses to private players. The last ones to get the licenses were IDBI and Bandhan Bank, which too for specific ..

There has been a recent focus of government on the MSME sector and many initiatives have been launched for this sector, however, the MSME sector still suffers from many bottlenecks. In this context, discuss the hurdles, opportunities, and measures for the MSME sector.

MSME sector in India contributes to 30% of GDP & 45% of merchandise exports. Recent steps taken for the development of MSMEs: Same treatment for manufacturing and service sector MSMEs. ..

Economic inequality in India is on rise. What are its consequences and the reasons behind it? Discuss.

India’s Gini coefficient value hovers around 0.9 on the Lorenz curve, where the value 1 is perfect inequality and 0 is perfect equality. Inequality has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. ..

Despite being considered as a gamechanger for food processing industry, the progress of Mega food parks has remained slow. Discuss.

Mega Food Parks (MFPs) provide a modern infrastructure facility for food processing along with a value chain from farm to market through a cluster-based approach. Currently, 22 MFPs are operational ..

Establishment of National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development (NBFID) will boost India’s growth but it will have its own set of challenges. Discuss.

National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development aims at: Financing Lend, invest via long-term loans Attract financing & investment Development of bond/capital market for infrastructure financing Functions of NBFID Extending ..

Though Multilateral Development Banks are crucial for holistic development of developing nations like India, there are certain legitimate concerns about their functioning. Discuss.

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) refer to international financial institutions that provide development and other assistance to nations of the world like the World Bank, IMF, BRICS Development Bank, Asian Development ..

What is liquidity trap? Discuss its implications on the economy.

Monetary policy can kickstart the economy by decreasing the interest rates so that the borrowing becomes cheaper and the economy grows with the help of investment, but this process is ..

While Port-led Development in India Has Numerous Advantages, It Is Being Held Back by a Number of Constraints. Discuss.

India has a 7500 km long coastline and 14500 km long inland waterways system. It has a huge potential for transportation and can be a gamechanger. However, this immense potential ..