Central Vista Project – approved by the Heritage Conservation Committee

The Heritage conservation committee has given its nod to the construction of the new Parliament building. This approval was given by the conservation committee following the orders of Supreme Court that had asked to take permission before the construction is started. The Supreme Court had also given its approval to the Central Vista Project covering a three-kilo metre stretch between the Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate.

Heritage Conservation Committee

  • The Heritage Conservation Committee was set up in accordance with the section 23 of the Delhi Building Byelaws, 1983.
  • The committee works under the chairmanship of Additional Secretary, Ministry of Urban Affairs.
  • The committee works towards the protection of the heritage buildings.
  • These laws only govern the buildings in and around Delhi. As the state level, the conservation committees are set up.
  • The conservation committee grades the heritage buildings for the developmental activities.
  • The regulations of the Conservation Committee are applied to heritage sites including the artifacts, buildings, areas and structures listed in the Unified Building Bye Laws for Delhi, 2016.

Gradings by the Heritage Conservation Committee

The Heritage conservation Committee provides three grades to the heritage buildings for its redevelopment:

  1. Grade I- Grade I is given to the buildings of historic importance. For the buildings categorized under this grade, interventions are not permitted on the interior as well as the exterior of the Heritage buildings. However, permission can be granted in order to strengthening the life of the building in some cases.
  2. Grade II- The buildings of regional or local importance that are processing the architectural merit or historical significance are categorised under this category. For the buildings with this grade, internal changes are allowed.
  3. Grade III- This category enlists the buildings that evoke the architectural or sociological interest. For such buildings, internal changes and its adaptive reuse are allowed.

New Parliament Building

The new parliament building will be constructed by Tata Projects Ltd. It will be built in the area of 64,500 square metres containing four floors. It will be built adjacent to the existing building in about 22 months. The construction of the building will involve the Artisans and sculptors from across India. This will showcase the diversity of India while presenting it as a symbol of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. The building can accommodate up to 1,224 MPs during joint sessions in the Lok Sabha chamber.

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