Defence India Startup Challenge-4 launched by Defence Minister

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has launched the Defence India Startup Challenge (DISC 4) during the iDEX event on September 29, 2020. The challenge features the initiatives which are aimed at expanding the horizons of Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) ecosystem. iDEX4Fauji initiative and Product Management Approach (PMA) guidelines were also launched during the event.

Defence India Startup Challenge (DISC 4)

Under the DISC 4, eleven challenges from Armed forces, OFB&DPSUs were made open to startups, innovators, MSMEs in order to provide their innovative ideas on technologies. These technologies could have their application in the defence sector. The eleven challenges include:

  1. Autonomous Underwater Swarm Drones.
  2. AI based Satellite Image Analysis.
  3. Predictive, Preventive & Prescriptive Machine Monitoring.
  4. Reduction of RCS of Naval Warships.
  5. Super Resolution for Improving Spatial Resolution.
  6. Computer Generated Targets for Virtual Training.
  7. Target Detection in Chaff Environment.
  8. Remote Real Time In-Flight Health Monitoring of Aircrew.
  9. MF-TDMA based Wideband SATCOM Modem.
  10. Prediction and forecasting of atmospheric visibility.
  11.  Foliage Penetration Radar.

iDEX4Fauji initiative

iDEX4Fauji is a first of its kind initiative. It has been launched to support the innovations identified by members of the Indian Armed Forces. The initiative will bolster innovation ideas from soldiers and field formations. The iDEX initiative stands as one of the most effective and well-executed defence Startup ecosystem of the cpuntry. The initiative would be a decisive step for India in achieving its self-reliance under the AtmaNirbhar Bharat campaign.


With the launch of initiatives, different stakeholders have been brought together to push for innovations in the defence sector. Such atmosphere has been created in the country fir the first time. The private sector also plays a crucial role to strengthen defence system and make it self- reliant. The government has taken various steps including the partnerships with private sector, technology transfer, 74 % Foreign Direct investment (FDI) through automatic route and the recently released negative list of 101 items for import ban in this direction. The Defence Acquisition procedure 2020 has also been launched in order to encourage the private industry to participate in the defence sector.