EC sets up a committee to review the Expenditure Limit.

The Election Commission have constituted a two-membered committee on October 21, 2020 to review the expenditure limit of the candidates contesting in Lok Sabha and Assembly Election. The committee has been set up under the former director general investigation, Harish Kumar and the election commission Secretary General, Umesh Sinha.


The committee has been set up to review the Government of India’s decision to increase the expenditure limit by 10% in accordance with the suggestion of the election commission. The election commission has recommended to enhance the expenditure limit for bigger States such as a Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana. The decision was taken after parties requested to do so in the wake of difficulties they are facing while campaigning amid the covid-19 pandemic.

What this committee will review?

The committee will review and submit the report within 4 months on the following things:

  • Change in number of electors in the state and union territories.
  • Change in cost inflation index.
  • Factors that will be enhancing the expenditure.

Conduct of election rules 1961

The expenditure limit of candidates has been specified under rule 90 of the conduct of election rules 1961. As per the rule, if a candidate spends more than the prescribed limit, it is considered as a corrupt practice.

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