Goa Beach Vigil App: Key Points

Pramod Sawant, the chief minister of Goa launched a “Beach Vigil App”. The app aims to benefit the tourists of Goa as well as the institutions working in the sector of beach tourism.

What is the aim of this app?

This app has the aim of doing holistic management of the beaches of Goa. Through the newly launched app, the police, Drishti workers, as well as other stakeholders can raise issues that are related to the safeguarding of tourists. Through this app, there will be a collaboration between information technology with the tourism sector, thus, opening many avenues in the future. The development of safety and tourism is a must for the state and these kinds of apps will help in enhancing the tourism future of Goa. This app also aims to empower solo travellers and women tourists and will be providing them with all kinds of necessary support. The app has been launched to boost Goa’s tourism sector, creating awareness as well as reducing illegal functionaries.

What can be done through this app?

This app can be utilized to report illegal hawkers, complaints about the cleanliness of the beach, beach littering, cooking or drinking on the beach, vehicles on the beach, etc. This app will be all-encompassing and will be covering everything. Through this app, one can also file a complaint regarding any violation or illegal activity. The app can be utilized by stakeholders for beach cleaning initiatives.

Who has developed this app?

This app has been developed by Goa Electronics Limited. At present, five agencies have access to its operations which are:

  • Goa tourism department,
  • Goa Police,
  • Shack operators,
  • DRISHTI workers,
  • Karnataka Commercial and Industrial Corporation Pvt Ltd as they are responsible for beach cleaning.

This app will be made operational in a phased manner. In the first phase, the five agencies will be able to report violations, illegalities, and the reported areas will be monitored. Reports can be filed by recording videos, clicking photographs, and location tagging. In the second phase, the public will be able to access the app on their mobile phones.


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