Government sanctions Rs 200 crore for Tirupur’s Textile industry

The Union Ministry of Textiles has sanctioned 200 crore rupees to Tirupur Dyeing industry in Tamil Nadu which is on the verge of closure due to financial crisis on account of their investments in the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) projects. The amount was sanctioned to the Tamil Nadu Government for the 18 Common Effluent Plants (CETPs) as an interest free loan by taking cognisance of the problem of the dyeing industry. The move will help these ailing CETPs and 450 dyeing units to recover from the financial crisis and help them to complete the project to achieve full capacity utilisation. More than 450 dyeing units in Tirupur Dyeing Industry had collectively set up 18 ZLD enabled Common Effluent plants (CEPs) with a total cost of over 1,000 crore rupees. Tirupur is a hub of the textile processing and knitting industry. It provides employment to over 5 lakh persons and contributes 22% of the total garment export of the country.