IASPOINT Daily UPSC Prelims Current Affairs – November 30, 2020 [Lexicon]

IASPOINT Daily Current Affairs Lexicon is suitable for UPSC Prelims Examinations. Here are the important terms in news for November 30, 2021.

Chang’e 5

China’s Chang’e 5 probe, which was launched on 24th November this year, is preparing to execute soft landing on the moon. This probe mission is China’s first sample collection mission from an extraterrestrial body. It is also the world’s first moon-sample mission after more than four decades. The last such mission was   Luna 24 of 1976. If the on-going mission succeeds, China would become the third country in the world to bring back samples from the moon after the US and the USSR.

Orunodoi scheme

The scheme is to be launched by the Assam government in 29 districts across the state. Through this scheme, the government seeks to empower women by transferring a minimum amount of Rs.830 each month directly to the bank accounts of the nominated female head of the household. More than 18 lakh beneficiaries have already been selected by the government under this scheme. This number is expected to reach 22 lakh after the inclusion of districts in the Bodoland Territorial Area.

National portal for transgender persons

A national portal for transgender persons was recently launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. This comes within 2 months after the notification of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2020 on 29th September. Under this Act, transpersons can apply for an ID card based on their self-perceived identity. Through recently launched portal, transpersons can apply for certificate and ID card without visiting the government offices.

Bru tribe

Bru or Reang tribe is an indigenous community in the northeast, living in the states of Tripura, Assam and Mizoram. In Tripura, this community is recognised as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group. In Mizoram, it is targeted by ethnic organisations demanding its exclusion from electoral rolls, forcing the tribe to flee to Tripura. In a bid to ensure their permanent settlement in Tripura, an agreement was signed between the Centre and the two states this year. This sparked protests from Bengalis and Mizo groups in Tripura.

Thai Mangur

Thai Mangur is catfish that was banned by the National Green Tribunal as it was harming the local ecosystem and the consumers’ health. It is favoured by the cultivators due to its ability to feed on anything and survive in hostile conditions. It also has high demand because it is cheaper when compared to other seafood. Recently, thousands of tons of this banned catfish were found to be illegally bred in over 125 artificial ponds in rural Thane, Maharashtra.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

It is an indigenously developed independent regional navigation satellite system used for providing accurate information needed for navigating ships on the Indian Ocean. On 11th November, the IRNSS was recognised by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as a part of the World Wide Radio Navigation System (WWRNS). With this recognition, India becomes the fourth country after the US, Russia and China to have its own navigation systems.

Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival, which is called the ‘Festivals of Festivals’, is a 10-day annual cultural fest of Nagaland that showcases the rich and diverse Naga ethnicity through folk dances, traditional music, local cuisine, handicraft, art workshops etc. In a first, the 21st edition of this festival is to go digital from December 1 to 5 amid the coronavirus concerns. The start of this festival (December 1) marks the Nagaland statehood day.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram is a jihadist terrorist organisation based in northeastern Nigeria. Recently, this extremist group was blamed for the attack that took place in the village of Koshobe near the main city of Maiduguri. This is considered at the most violent direct attack against innocent civilians this year. The violence took place soon after voters went to the polls in the long-delayed local elections in Borno state.

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire, which is also known as the Circum-Pacific Belt, is a 40,000 km long path along the Pacific Ocean where majority of Earth’s volcanoes and earthquakes takes place. Recently, Mount Ili Leotolok in eastern Indonesia within the Ring of Fire erupted, forcing thousands of people to evacuate. This mountain is among the three currently erupting volcanoes in the country. The other two includes Merapi on Java Island and Sinabung on Sumatra island.

Strategic Measures for the Removal of Sanction Bill

The Iranian Parliament passed a double-urgency motion for the bill on “strategic measures for the removal of sanctions”. This comes in response to the assassination of the Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The bill proposes various suggestions like Tehran withdrawing from the JCPOA. It is expected to increase Iran’s nuclear activities like increasing uranium enrichment levels and restoring Arak nuclear reactor.

TX2 award

It is a global award set up in the year 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia by international organisations involved in tiger conservation like WWF, UNDP, IUCN, Global Tiger Fund and others. Recently, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR) in Uttar Pradesh received this international award for doubling the number of tigers in the past 4 years. This has brought PTR international recognition and helped it further promote tiger conservation activities.

MQ-9B Sea Guardian unarmed drones

This US-made drone is the maritime variant of the Predator MQ-1 UAV. It is capable of operating for 40 hours at the maximum altitude of 40,000 feet. Two of these drones were inducted to the Indian Navy on lease for one year. This is the first defence system taken on lease under the new Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020. The only other defence equipment on lease in India is the Chakra nuclear submarine from Russia.


The Apex Committee for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (AIPA) was recently constituted by the Indian government to ensure coordinated response to climate change matters and to keep the country on track towards meeting its climate change obligations under the Paris Agreement, which includes Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). It will act as the national authority for regulating carbon markets within the country.

Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill

Scotland became the first country to provide free sanitary products to all women after the implementation of the Period Products (Free Provision) Scotland Bill. This is to address “period poverty” within the country. In 2018, Scotland became the first country to provide free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities. This Bill makes tampons and sanitary pads available at designated public places at an estimated annual cost of USD 32 million of tax payers’ money

Shahtoot Dam

Shahtoot Dam is to be constructed by India on Kabul River as per the recently signed agreement between India and Afghanistan. Negotiations regarding this project began in 2016. This dam is expected to provide safe drinking water to 2 million residents of Kabul city. It would come upon the Maidan river tributary of Kabul river. This project is likely to attract criticism from Pakistan, which is accusing India of choking its water supply from Jammu and Kashmir and Afghanistan.