India–Australia Circular Economy Hackathon (I-ACE) launched by AIM

The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) will organise  a two-day hackathon on circular economy, ‘India–Australia Circular Economy Hackathon (I-ACE)’  in association with CSIRO on 7th and 8th December 2020.


The idea of I-ACE was put forward during a virtual summit between the Indian and Australian prime ministers on June 4, 2020. This was decided in order to explore innovative ways to boost circular economy in India and Australia.

About I-ACE

I-ACE will focus on to identify and to develop innovative technological solutions by bright-minded students, start-ups and MSMEs of India and Australia. Shortlisted students and start-ups MSMEs will be invited for the hackathon. where two winners will be announced comprising one student and one start-up MSME per theme from each country. The hackathon will be organized under four theme:

  1. Innovation in reducing packaging waste.
  2. Innovation in food supply chains avoiding waste.
  3. Creating opportunities for plastic waste reduction.
  4. Recycling critical energy metals and e-waste.


The primary purpose of the hackathon to address the circular economy challenge. It will create possible solutions for eliminating waste and reusing waste. This will make the economy less resource intensive and will ensure that the economic growth is ecologically compatible.


India and Australia have a strong and productive bilateral partnership. Both the countries are collaborating across a broad range of areas which have yielded significant results. India and Australia in future can align research and developmental efforts in order to achieve more. The circular economy model will provide more jobs and higher economic growth in the long run. It will further reduce cost and drive innovation. It will also drive significant environmental benefits.

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