India-Australia two-day Naval Exercise in the Indian Ocean- Key Facts and Significance

Indian Navy and the Australia navy will be conducting a two-days mega naval exercise in the Indian Ocean commencing from September 23, 2020. This will include various anti-aircraft drills, complex naval maneuvers, and helicopter operations.

 India-Australia Naval Exercise

  • The exercise involve advanced surface and anti-air exercises.
  • It also include seamanship exercises, weapon firings, cross-deck flying operations, and naval manoeuvers.
  •  HMAS Hobart will be deployed in the exercise by the Royal Australian Navy.  It is a lead-ship of the Hobart-class air warfare destroyers.
  • From Indian side, Karmuk and Sahyadri ships will be a part of the exercise.


  • The naval exercise aims to improve the understanding, enhancing the interoperability, and sharing the best practices from each other.
  •  Earlier, Indian Navy conducted similar exercises with Japan, Russia and The US.
  • This is the fourth major drill by the Indian Navy since June 2020 in the Indian Ocean.
  •  The exercise can be seen as counter to the India’s rising border tension with China and presence of Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • It is a step towards strengthening the Indo-Australia Defence Relations.
  • This will bring both the governments to work closely in order to enhance the safety and security of the global commons.

Recent Exercises in the Indian Ocean Region

  1. In June 2020, Naval exercise was conducted between Indian Navy and the Japanese Navy (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force).
  2. In July 2020, Indian Navy conducted a military exercise with US Navy carrier strike group. It was led by the Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (world’s largest warship) along the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  3. In September 2020, Indian and Russia Navies carried out an exercise in the Bay of Bengal.