India-Brazil-South Africa IBSA Foreign Ministers Meet chaired by External Affairs Minister

On September 16, 2020, the External Affairs Minister of India Shri S Jaishankar chaired the IBSA Foreign Ministers meet. IBSA is India-Brazil-South Africa.


The ministers during the meet agreed on issues such as peace, security, climate change, countering terrorism, multilateral trading system, non-proliferation issues, disarmament and South-South Cooperation. They also agreed to renew their commitment towards United Nations Security Council.

The leaders also agreed to cooperate with international organizations such as African Union Peace and Security Council, United Nations, etc.

Also, they agreed to extend their support in accordance to Ezulwini Consensus and Sirte Declaration.

Ezulwini Consensus

It is a position on international relations agreed by African Union. The consensus calls for representative and democratic security council where Africa shall be represented just like other regions of the world.

Ezulwini is a valley in Switzerland. The agreement was signed here and hence the name.


The following demands were placed by African Union through Ezulwini Consensus

  • The African Union demanded at least two permanent seats and five non-permanent seats in Security Council
  • Also, the African Union would choose which African Governments shall get seats
  • It calls for ECOSOC to be strengthened.

Sirte Declaration

The Sirte Declaration followed the Ezulwini Consensus. It was also adopted by African Union. The Sirte Declaration was adopted at the fourth session of Organization of African Unity. The Sirte Declaration announced the following

  • To establish African Union
  • To speed up implementation of Abuja Treaty
  • To create African Court of Justice, African Central Bank, African Economic Community and Pan-African Parliament

African Union

It is a union with 55 member states. It was founded in 2001 in Addis Ababa. The main intention of African Union was to replace Organization of African Unity.

It aims to achieve greater unity among the African countries. Also, it aims to promote and defend social economic integration in the continent.