India invites UK to explore business opportunities in North East

The  Development of North East Region (DoNER) minister, Dr. Jitendra Singh has invited the United Kingdom (UK) government and the private sector to explore business opportunities  in North-East India.


Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted that India and UK are two democracies that share the mutually rewarding business relationships. So, both of these countries can work jointly  in exploiting and exploring new opportunities in the North East region.

India-UK Collaboration

The minister had a talk on new avenues in scientific research, trade, economy and other diverse areas that can be a win-win opportunity for both the countries and will be beneficial of the region as well.  The British Council proposed a collaboration in the education sector for teaching mathematics and science in all the 8 states of North East India. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed between North East Council and the British council to take the collaboration further.  British council highlighted that Britain is a pioneer of Agri-Tech thus can explore setting up cold chains in the North East region as they did in Haryana for the food processing.

Why UK’s interest is growing in North East Region?

North East region is having a huge biodiversity. British officials highlighted and appreciated the vegetables, handicrafts, fruits, and spices that are grown in the North East states. They are interested in branding and selling them to international market.