India-Japan Maritime Bilateral Exercise- JIMEX 2020 Commenced today

Fourth edition of India-Japan Maritime bilateral exercise (JIMEX) began in North Arabian Sea from September 26, 2020. It will be conducted for three days. In the light of COVID-19 restrictions, the exercise is being conducted in a ‘non-contact at-sea-only format’ this year.

JIMEX- 2020

  • JIMEX 2020 will showcase high degree of inter-operability and joint operational skills.
  • The Navies will conduct several advanced exercises, across the spectrum of maritime operations.
  • The two navies will conduct a multi-faceted tactical exercises that will involve weapon firings, cross deck helicopter operations, anti-submarine and air warfare drills.
  • The Indian navy will be represented by:
    1. Indigenously built stealth destroyer Chennai.
    2. Teg Class stealth frigate Tarkash.
    3. Fleet Tanker.
  • The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force will be represented by:
    1. JMSDF Ships Kaga, an Izumo Class Helicopter Destroyer.
    2. Ikazuchi, a Guided Missile Destroyer.
    3. Commander Escort Flotilla – 2 (CCF – 2).
    4. P8I Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, integral helicopters and fighter aircraft.


The exercise was commenced in 2012. It is conducted biennially between the Indian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). It emphasizes on maritime security cooperation. The last edition of JIMEX was conducted in October 2018 along the Visakhapatnam coast.


Advanced level of operations and exercises indicates the upswing in Indo-Japanese defence relations. The regular exercise shows a continued efforts by both Governments in order to work closely for a more secure, open and inclusive global commons. JIMEX 2020 would further enhance the cooperation and mutual confidence between the two navies. It would also enhance the bond of friendship between the two countries.