India’s First Pollinator Park in Uttarakhand

Recently, the first pollinator park in the country has been inaugurated in Uttarakhand. The park was inaugurated by Peter Smetacek, a renowned butterfly expert in Nainital’s Haldwani.

Key Points

  • The 1st pollinator park has around 50 species of honeybees, butterflies, birds, and insects.
  • The park has been developed in an area of 4 acres.
  • The 1st pollinator park of India has been developed by the research wing of the Uttarakhand Forest Department.
  • The main aim of developing this park is to create awareness about the pollinator species and to conserve them.
  • The park will also conduct further research on the pollinator species, their habitat, different aspects of pollination, the impact of pollution on the species, and much more.
  • Some of the pollinator species in the park are red pierrot, common jezebel, common sailer, common blue bottle, plain tiger, common emigrant, common four-ring, the common leopard, common grass yellow, the common moron, the painted lady, peacock pansy, pioneer white, lime butterfly and yellow-orange tip.
  • The authorities have created suitable habitat for the pollinators in the park by planting nectar and pollination producing saplings like rose, jasmine, hibiscus, and marigold.
  • Host plants have also been planted in the park-like citrus species, curry leaf plant, lantana, and cassia species to provide shelter to larvae, eggs, and pupa.
  • The park also has seasonal flower plants like aster, salvia, sunflower, guinea, and cosmos for winter.
  • Bird feeders and nests have been placed all over the park to attract birds and butterflies.
  • Water bodies have also been created in the park.

It must be noted that pollinator species provide pollination to more than 180,000 plant species and without them, the existing plant populations will decrease.