International Translation Day being observed on September 30

30th September is observed by the United Nations as International Translation Day, every year. The primary aim of the day is to celebrate and appreciate the work of language translation professionals. These language translator professionals facilitates dialogue, understanding and cooperation. They also contribute to the development and strengthening the world peace and security. This year the day is being observed under the theme- “Finding the words for a world in crisis”.

Significance of  September 30

September 30 is the day  to mark the feast of St Jerome. He was a priest belonging to Italy. He translated Bible from Greek to Latin manuscripts for the first time on this day. Apart from that, he translated the Hebrew Gospel into Greek.

International Translation Day

International Federation of Translators (FIT) prompted to celebrate the day every year after it was set up in 1953. FIT launched an idea officially in 1991 to recognized International Translation Day in order to show solidarity of the worldwide translation community.  So, United Nations (UN) passed a resolution in 2017 to celebrate September 30 as the International Translation Day. Thus, it provided an opportunity to the world in order to display pride in a profession which is becoming increasingly essential in the era of globalization.  Presently, the President of International Federation of Translators is Kevin Quirk, While Real Paquette is its secretary general.


Currently, eleven countries including the Azerbaijan, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cuba, Qatar, Ecuador, Turkey, Paraguay, Turkmenistan, and Vietnam – are the signatories of Draft Resolution of 2017 passed by UN.

International Federation of Translators (FIT)

It is an international grouping  translators, interpreters and terminologists. Currently, more than 100 professional associations are affiliated who are representing over 80,000 translators in 55 nations. The Federation promote professionalism in the disciplines which it represents. It seeks to improve conditions for the profession across the countries.