Israel and Bahrain sign agreement at Manama to establish diplomatic ties.

Israel and Bahrain signed an agreement at Manama on October 18, 2020 to establish diplomatic ties.


  • The deal was signed in the presence of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House envoy Avi Berkowitz  along with  Bahrain’s foreign minister and Israel’s national security adviser.
  • Israeli and Bahraini officials also held talks and signed eight memorandums of understanding (MOU) in the field of visas, trade, agriculture, civil aviation, finance, investments and  direct flights.
  • The agreement was signed in the aftermath of UAE’s agreement to normalise its ties with Israel.
  • Israel will also be setting up its embassy in Manama soon.


The agreement called as the “joint communique on establishing peaceful and diplomatic relations” is an comprehensive peace treaty. The agreement will open up the way for these two countries to open embassies and sign more cooperation agreements.

The Bahrain–Israel normalization agreement

The agreement is also known as the Abraham Accords. The agreement includes the Declaration of Peace, Cooperation, and Constructive Diplomatic and Friendly Relations Bahrain and Israel. The agreement was announced by President Donald Trump on September 11, 2020 and signed formally on September 15. The agreement made Bahrain the fourth Arab state to recognize Israel.