Japan to Join ‘Five Eyes’ Network

Japan will be formally joining the ‘Five Eyes’ network to keep a check on China’s restriction on Uyghurs. Now, Japan is ready to become the sixth eye of the network.  As per the reports, Japan has provided intelligence to the UK and the US last year on the forceful clampdown of China on Uyghurs.

Key Points

  • ‘Five Eyes’ is a network of 5 nations namely- the US, Australia, Canada, Britain, and New Zealand. All the five nations collaborated together to form this network against the threats given by China and North Korea.
  • China has detained the Muslim Uyghur minority people living in the Xinjiang autonomous region of the country.
  • The condition of the Uyghurs is not good and because of that only the UK and the US have criticized China.
  • Along with this, the US has also put several sanctions on China for human rights violations against Uyghurs.
  • These sanctions also included visa restrictions for Chinese officials. These sanctions and criticism have degraded the relations between China and the US even more.

About Five Eyes Network

The Five Eyes Network first came into existence through Atlantic Charter in the year 1941. All the five nations of the network are parties to the UKUSA Agreement for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.