J&K Launched e-Auction Portal to Promote ‘Kashmir Saffron’

The Jammu and Kashmir government has launched an e-Auction portal on November 13, 2020. The portal has been launched in order to promote trading of GI tagged ‘Kashmir Saffron’ all across the country.


The primary aim of the launch of this e-Auction Portal is providing the access to the Quality “Kashmir Saffron” to the buyers. The platform is being called as ‘India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre (IIKSTC)’. It will provide the saffron growers in getting optimum returns of their yield. Further, the buyers will be assured that the saffron purchased through this platform will be tested certified quality produce.

India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre (IIKSTC)

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has launched this e-auction portal called ‘India International Kashmir Saffron Trading Centre (IIKSTC)’ for the farmers of Geographical Indications (GI)-tagged ‘Kashmir Saffron’. The primary aim of this e-auction portal  is to help buyers have access to good quality saffron. The centre will help both buyers and sellers in online trading. The government would also help them avoid middlemen to secure a better price for the produce. This platform also helped in testing the saffron properly by the centre. This would enable them or would provide the facilities to dry the product in latest technology vacuums. The saffron would also be properly packed with proper code in order to avoid manipulation.

Kashmir Saffron

Saffron grown in Kashmir recently received the geographical indication (GI) tag in July 2020.  This was a  major historic step to bring the valley’s brand on the global map. The GI registration certificate was issued by the Union government.

Saffron Hub

Pampore is believed to be the hub of saffron in Kashmir.

Significance of Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir saffron is the only one saffron in the world that are grown at an altitude of 1600 metres. This differentiates it from other varieties of saffron because of its unique characteristics such as longer and thicker stigma, natural deep-red colour, high aroma, bitter flavor and chemical-free processing.

National Mission on Saffron (NMS)

The NMS was commenced from the August 2010. The Union Government has approved a plan of Rs 373 crore under National Saffron Mission Programme (NSMP) in order to revive the saffron production in Jammu and Kashmir. Rs 373 crore were spent under the National Saffron Mission till 2014. In the recent step,  a project of ₹ 411 crore was approved by the Union government. Under this project, an area of 3,715 hectare for saffron were proposed to be rejuvenated.