Local bodies play a very important role in various phases of Disaster management. Discuss.

Disaster management involves various steps pertaining to things to be done pre and post-disaster. The role of communities is essential at every stage of the disaster management cycle. Local bodies and local communities play a crucial role in various phases of DM.

  • Mapping and documenting the locations of disasters, time & duration, impact, and vulnerability, etc.
  • Mitigation and Preparedness – It involves short-term and long-term planning, suggesting measures to reduce socio-economic vulnerability. Local communities have expertise in building traditional and disaster-resilient infrastructure like Dhajji Dewari, Upraised houses, etc.
  • Communication and coordination during the disaster phase.
  • Relief operations during and after the disaster occurrence.
  • Volunteer to assist the administration.
  • Long-term relief and build-back measures like livelihood creation and recovery (both social and economic) etc.

Hence community-led disaster management planning at the local bodies level can give real-time results both in planning and implementation. During the COVID pandemic, the role of local bodies in helping the administration was very actively visible, like:

  • Setting up quarantine camps
  • Vaccine availability
  • Awareness generation
  • Providing food and water security
  • Retaining youth and immigrants in local jobs
  • Sustaining on limited resources, etc.

Hence, decentralized planning and coordinated efforts can help reduce the fatalities caused by the disaster and its aftermath.


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