Mizoram sets to adopt “Covid-19: No tolerance Fortnight”

The Mizoram government is all set to take stringent measures against the rising covid-19 cases. The state will adopt “COVID-19 : No Tolerance Fortnight” from October 26. By this, the government aims to break the chain of local transmission in Mizoram State.


  • COVID-19 situation in Mizoram is increasing at a faster rate because of local transmission
  • So this, “zero tolerance” drive have been adopted for 14 days in the state.
  • This local transmission chain can be broken if  people and adminitration follow the unlock guidelines, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and the Mizoram Containment and Prevention of Covid-19 Ordinance, 2020 strictly.
  • The State Executive Committee of Mizoram State Disaster Management Authority will be preparing new guidelines for the “COVID-19 No Tolerance Fortnight”.

Covid-19 Situation in India

Total recorded covid-19 cases in currently stands at 7.7 lakh which is just behind the US’s 8.4 lakh cases. However, India has been observing a marginal improvement in past few days. In last 24 hours, the number of positive cases and fatalities were reduced significantly. Total covid cases in Mizoram are 2,310 as of now and is rising significantly. However, no deaths have been recorded in Mizoram as of now.