Current Affairs - January 2023

Current Affairs for January 2023

  1. Uttarakhand Government Abolishes Revenue Police System
  2. Investor Risk Reduction Access Platform
  3. Zircon Missile System
  4. 36th India-France Strategic Dialogue
  5. BIND Scheme
  6. Crypto Awareness Campaign
  7. Ladakh Committee
  8. XBB.1.5
  9. Al ShabaabAl-Shabaab
  10. Arma 3
  11. UNSC Members
  12. National Green Hydrogen Mission
  13. Silent Valley National Park
  14. Hakeem Jeffries
  15. Guns of Emperor Sher Shah
  16. Kos Minar
  17. Kutumbari Temple
  18. All India Annual State Ministers’ Conference on Water
  19. Rapti River
  20. Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation/ EMIT
  21. Sentinel-5P satellite
  22. Bentonite
  23. Gaan Ngai
  24. Pushan Alpha
  25. Justice A.M. Sapre Committee
  26. National Technical Textiles Mission
  27. Village Defence Committees
  28. The Resistance Front
  29. Decennial Census
  30. Affordable Rental Housing Complexes Scheme
  31. UGC Norms
  32. Chung-Hoon
  33. Numaish
  34. BlueNoroff
  35. European Satellite Launch
  36. Kilauea Volcano
  37. Tropidophis Cacuangoae
  38. Climate Atlas of India
  39. Cloud Forest Bond
  40. AFB Vaccine
  41. African Swine Fever
  42. Atmospheric River
  43. New Indigenous Cattle Breeds
  44. BA.5.2 sub-variant
  45. Abortion Pills
  46. Alderman
  47. Kala Azar
  48. 83rd’All India Presiding Officers’ Conference
  49. Indian Standards for Video Surveillance Systems
  50. Indian Standard for USB Type C Receptacles, Plug and Cables
  51. Indian Standard for Digital Television Receivers
  52. AB PM-JAY Hospital Grading System
  53. Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  54. Mingomba Mine
  55. Sarawak Law paper
  56. Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas
  57. Title 42
  58. Obscenity Laws
  59. Lecanemab
  60. Himalayan Griffon Vulture
  61. MV Ganga Vilas
  62. Y20 Summit
  63. Salomon Islands
  64. Indo-Bangla Friendship Pipeline
  65. International Meet on Ukraine War Crimes Probe
  66. iVOFM
  67. Mahinga Kai
  68. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  69. Standards National Action Plan (SNAP) 2022-27
  70. Cherchera Festival
  71. Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS)
  72. C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
  73. Neanderthals
  74. African Elephant
  75. Zero-day Attack
  76. LockBit 3.0
  77. Deepor Beel
  78. Veer Guardian-2023
  79. Q+A: NASA’s TESS mission and TOI 700 Star System
  80. Rare Disease
  81. PAFF
  82. Green Bonds
  83. LNG
  84. Sagol Kangjei
  85. Purple Fest
  86. Fukushima Fruit Kingdom
  87. NCC
  88. Kangla Nongpok Thong
  89. Aadi Shaurya
  90. 10th Women Science Congress
  91. Abyei Peackeeping Unit
  92. Wagner
  93. Thailand Tourist Fee
  94. Constantine II
  95. UK’s Minimum Service Level Law
  96. CSTO
  97. Sangau-Saisih Chhuah Double Lane Border Road
  98. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee National Institution of Water and Sanitation
  99. Micro-Seismic Observation Systems
  100. National Geospatial Policy
  101. National Mineral Exploration Trust
  102. Elysium Planitia
  103. Incentive Scheme for RuPay Debit Cards and Low-Value BHIM-UPI Transactions
  104. Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana
  105. The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Global Geopolitics
  106. India’s G20 Presidency – Things to Note for UPSC Exams
  107. Voice of Global South Summit – 2023
  108. Strategies for Steady, High Growth in India in 2023-24
  109. Stalemate over Appointment of Judges in Indian High Courts and Supreme Court
  110. Sri Lanka and US to Conduct Joint Military Exercises to Maintain Free and Open Indo-Pacific
  111. The Role of UN Security Council Sanctions in Maintaining International Peace and Security
  112. Risks of Subsidence: The Impact on the Environment, Economy and People
  113. The USMCA: A New Trade Deal for North America
  114. Mercosur: Challenges and Opportunities for the Southern Common Market
  115. The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
  116. Execution only platform
  117. Regulating Big Tech: The Digital Markets Act
  118. Human Disturbance Altering Animal Interactions in Ecosystems
  119. Naturopathy: Combining Traditional and Modern Healing in India
  120. The Political Doctrine of Liberalism: Protecting Individual Freedom
  121. Sankaralinganar: The Tamil Activist Who Fasted for Statehood
  122. Opposing the PIB’s Proposed Role in Regulating News and Information
  123. Evaluating the Impact of the POCSO Act: 10 Years Later
  124. The Rani of Jhansi Regiment: The All-Female Combat Unit of the Indian National Army
  125. South Africa to Hold Joint Maritime Drills with Russia and China Amid Criticism
  126. US Debt Ceiling Looms: Impact on Markets and Default Risks
  127. Nikah Halala: A Controversial Practice in India
  128. India’s Passport Ranking and Global Mobility
  129. Seismic zones in India
  130. Georges Lemaître and the Big Bang Theory
  131. The Ecological Impact of the Invasive Cane Toad
  132. Preserving the Biodiversity of the Bhoj Wetland
  133. Understanding Shadow Banning on Social Media
  134. Protection of Journalistic Sources in India
  135. Kashmiri Pandit Exodus: A Day of Commemoration
  136. Distinguishing between Games of Skill and Games of Chance: The Need for Quantifiable Methods
  137. India-Egypt: Strengthening Ties
  138. Internal Security Challenges Discussed at Annual Police Conference
  139. Rashtriya Swabhiman Diwas: Honoring Maharana Pratap’s Legacy
  140. New Guidelines for Social Media Influencer and Celebrity Endorsements in India
  141. Decentralization of Power to Panchayats in India: Challenges and Impact
  142. Bombay High Court Quashes Yes Bank AT1 Bond Write-Off
  143. Germany’s Decision on Sending Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine
  144. The Importance of Grazing Land (Kahcharai Land) and Its Preservation
  145. SSC MTS Exam to be Conducted in 13 Regional Languages
  146. Improvements to Competitive Bidding for Wind Power Projects in India
  147. Expected Credit Loss Framework for Doubtful Loans in India
  148. Bharat Bill Payment System
  149. Impact of Invasive Alien Plant Species on Tiger Habitats: A Study by Wildlife Institute of India
  150. China’s Fendouzhe Submersible Sets New World Record in Deep-Sea Exploration
  151. Bagh Hazarika Controversy
  152. Data Protection for Minor Internet Users
  153. 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka’s Constitution
  154. Rising Food Insecurity in Asia: A Growing Concern Amidst COVID-19 and Economic Downturn
  155. Indian Navy conducts mega war game to check combat readiness amid China’s growing military forays in the Indian Ocean Region
  156. BharOS: An Indigenous Operating System Developed by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  157. India Pushes for Women’s Participation in Local Government in Global Gender Gap Report
  158. Adi Shaurya – Parv Parakram Ka: A Celebration of India’s Rich Cultural Heritage and Military Heroism
  159. Understanding Norovirus: The Gastrointestinal Infection Spreading in Kerala
  160. Catch a Glimpse of the Rare Green Comet: All you need to know
  161. RBI extends deadline for renewal of safe deposit locker agreements till December 2023
  162. India Honors Its War Heroes: 21 Largest Unnamed Islands of Andaman & Nicobar Islands Named After Param Vir Chakra Awardees
  163. Assam’s Charaideo Moidams Burial Sites Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site List
  164. India’s Growing Naval Power: The Commissioning of INS Vagir
  165. The Ineffectiveness of New Covid-19 Boosters: Understanding Immune Imprinting
  166. Supreme Court Launches Regional Language Judgements Service
  167. Honoring Bravery: Police Personnel Awarded Service Medals on Republic Day
  168. The Doomsday Clock: Ticking Closer to Midnight
  169. The Increasing Threat of Light Pollution
  170. Norton Password Manager Data Breach
  171. Examination of Section 376 DB of Indian Penal Code
  172. Decline of Kelp Forests Due to Climate Change
  173. Carbon Dioxide Removal: The Key to Achieving Climate Goals
  174. National Girl Child Day: Promoting Awareness and Equality for Girls in India
  175. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on International Migration
  176. Simplifying Euthanasia: India’s Supreme Court Streamlines Process
  177. Self-Regulating Organizations: Key to India’s Online Gaming Industry
  178. Menduza
  179. Pakistan’s Republic Day
  180. Padma Awards
  181. Jharkhand Migrant Survey
  182. India-South Africa cheetah deal
  183. Beating Retreat ceremony
  184. Fukushima water problem
  185. World Leprosy Day
  186. Indrayani River