Current Affairs - July 2023

Current Affairs for July 2023

  1. US Supreme Court Ruling On Affirmative Action In College Admissions
  2. China’s National Defence Mobilisation Offices (NDMO)
  3. India’s Current Account Deficit (CAD)
  4. Michael Rosen honored with the PEN Pinter Prize 2023
  5. The American Bald Eagle
  6. Aspartame
  7. SIPRI’s Annual Assessment Of The State Of Armaments, Disarmament, And International Security
  8. Meira Paibis
  9. Finfluencers Under SEBI’s Scrutiny
  10. Differential Time-of-Day Tariffs
  11. Gustav Klimt
  12. Odisha’s EKAMRA Project
  13. Tarang Shakti
  14. Unveiling the Link between Rising Temperatures and Intimate Partner Violence
  15. Green Credit Programme
  16. Oceans’ Short-Lived Halogens Contribute 8-10% Cooling
  17. Multiple Sclerosis
  18. India’s Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT)
  19. Country’s First ‘Police Drone Unit’ for Aerial Surveillance
  20. UK PM Sunak honored Indian war veteran Rajindar Singh Dhatt with Points of Light honor
  21. Tomato Grand Challenge Hackathon
  22. The Trophy tour of the 132nd edition of Durand Cup
  23. Seventh Anniversary of the Indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)
  24. INS Shankush Refit Project
  25. CERT-In’s Guidelines on Information Security Practices
  26. The Indian Ocean Geoid Low
  27. Australia’s National Space Mission for Earth Observation (NSMEO)
  28. Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency
  29. Musompo Trading Centre
  30. Leatherback Sea Turtle
  31. Alef Armada Model Zero
  32. Australia Becomes First Country to Allow Prescription of MDMA and Magic Mushrooms for PTSD
  33. Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant’s 700 MW Reactor Goes Commercial
  34. Wiener Zeitung Ceases Daily Print Edition After 320 Years
  35. Karnataka’s ‘Anna Bhagya’ Initiative
  36. NHPC’s Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project
  37. Diversity for Restoration (D4R) Tool
  38. Transponders To Be Installed In Sea Vessels Across The Country
  39. The Global Biodiversity Framework Fund
  40. The Ozone-UV Bulletin
  41. Regional Symposium on Child Protection, Safety, and Child Welfare
  42. Akshar River Cruise
  43. Ashadha Purnima as the Dharma Chakra Pravartana Divas
  44. The Future of Deep Sea Mining
  45. Dark Patterns
  46. The Horizontal Reservation
  47. Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) between Pakistan and IMF
  48. United Nations High-Level Political Forum
  49. WHO’s report ‘Burden of disease attributable to unsafe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene’
  50. Bodoland Territorial Council’s Pig Schools
  51. Faunal and Floral Discoveries of 2022
  52. Blockchain-Enabled Tamper-Proof Signalling System for Indian Railways
  53. INS Kirpan
  54. India’s ‘Har Ghar Jal’ Initiative
  55. Exploring Solar Radiation Modification
  56. Bharat 6G Alliance
  57. Indian research vessel Sagar Nidhi
  58. DAY-NRLM Introduces eSARAS Mobile App
  59. NADA India and SARADO Collaborate to Strengthen Anti-Doping Efforts in South Asia
  60. World Bank and WTO Report Highlights Employment Opportunities from Cross-Border Services Exports in India
  61. Remembering Alluri Sitarama Raju’s 125th Birth Anniversary
  62. Bogibeel IWT Terminal in Assam
  63. Alarming Rise in Childhood Diabetes Cases
  64. Odisha’s Mo Jungle Jami Yojana
  65. Air Pollution and Respiratory Health
  66. The One Health Priority Research Agenda
  67. Incorporating Soil Microbiomes into the One Health Framework
  68. Metagenomes
  69. Endangered Sturgeons
  70. Kenya’s National Health Insurance Fund Regulations (NHIF)
  71. Data Carbon Ladder
  72. Community Boilers for Clusters of Small-Scale Industries
  73. Special Window for Affordable and Mid-Income Housing (SWAMIH) Investment Fund
  74. What is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
  75. Switzerland Returns Stolen Fragment of Ancient Egyptian Statue
  77. Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat
  78. Scheme to Help Minor Rape Survivors
  79. Time Dilation in the Early Universe
  80. Japan’s Plan to Release Fukushima Water into the Ocean
  81. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment organises Eighth Meeting of Central Monitoring Committee
  82. Expert Committee on the Market Yard of National Importance (MNI)
  83. DGCA Collaborates with EASA on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  84. Scheme for Expansion and Modernization of Fire Services
  85. Ambergris, The Floating Gold
  86. Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) and Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV)
  87. China’s anti-espionage law
  88. Village-Level Committees Identify Vulnerable Children
  89. Solar Shooting Stars
  90. What is Bird Divorce?
  91. Heat-Resistant Fire Drone
  92. Bhashini: India’s AI Language Platform
  93. Philadelphia Takes Legal Action Against Ghost Gun Manufacturers
  94. Meta’s Threads App
  95. Philippines And China Dispute
  96. Sebi’s Consultation Paper on Cyber Security Framework
  97. UNCTAD Report Highlights Investment Deficit in Developing Asian Countries
  98. Assam’s New Rules to Support MSMEs and Welfare Initiatives
  99. Infectious Diseases
  100. Water level in 75% reservoirs in India below 40% their capacity
  101. Bronze Head Dispute
  102. Constellations
  103. Rajputana Rifles Regiment Band in French National Day
  104. 7th Edition of SALVEX Exercise
  105. 3rd Edition of National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA)
  106. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Installs Core Catcher
  107. RBI Working on Roadmap for Internationalization of the Rupee
  108. DPIIT’s quality control and safety standards for household electrical appliances
  109. Leqembi for Alzheimer’s Treatment
  110. Ubinas Volcano
  111. Giant Handaxes
  112. Groundwater Springs in the Arctic
  113. India’s Farmers’ Distress Index
  114. Wildlife Crime Prosecution in Europe
  115. Translocation of African Cheetahs to Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary
  116. Tanabata, the Star Festival in Japan
  117. Haryana Government’s Pension Scheme for Low-Income Unmarried Individuals and Widowers
  118. California’s Senate Bill 403
  119. India’s Annual Economic Review, May 2023
  120. Peste Des Petits Ruminants
  121. State of the Climate in Latin America and the Caribbean
  122. India’s Digital Trade Facilitation Initiatives
  123. Performance Grading Index 2.0
  124. KM Vasudevan Namboodiri
  125. Antarctica’s Enigmatic Phenomenon
  126. The Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria Fowleri
  127. WHO’s Guidelines to Protect Children from Harmful Food Marketing
  128. Smart Bandages
  129. Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant
  130. Indian Oil Corp. Ltd’s Rights Issue
  131. OpenKylin, China’s First Open-Source Desktop Operating System
  132. Tele-MANAS Chatbot
  133. Prime Minister Unveils Development Projects Worth Rs 12,100 Crores in Varanasi
  134. Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)
  135. Champions Group of the Global Crisis Response Group (GCRG)
  136. The “Gravity Hole” in the Indian Ocean
  137. Vriksha Samridhi, Matsya Samridhi Project
  138. Performance Grading Index for Districts (PGI-D)
  139. Anomalocaris canadensis
  140. Wilson’s Little Penguin
  141. James Webb Space Telescope Discovers Farthest Supermassive Black Hole
  142. Phosphine in Venus
  143. The Carbon Footprint of Global Wood Harvests
  144. Insights from the International Organization for Migration and Harvard University Report
  145. Entamoeba moshkovskii
  146. UN International Maritime Organization Net Zero Target
  147. Expert Committees to Enhance Data Quality in India
  148. ISRO to Hand Over Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) to the Private Sector
  149. UGC New Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and Academic Staff
  150. Legal Ramifications of Thumbs-up Emoji
  151. Mukhra (K): A Model Village in Telangana
  152. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  153. Joro Spiders
  154. Punjab Regiment Paris Bastille Day Parade
  155. GSTN Under Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  156. Majorana Zero Modes
  157. Lambani Arts
  158. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
  159. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
  160. PBW RS1 Wheat Variety
  161. Strengthening PACS through FPOs
  162. Multidimensional Poverty Index
  163. Guillain-Barré Syndrome Cases
  164. Emma Reyes
  165. Lokmanya Tilak National Award
  166. Total Expense Ratio (TER)
  167. Draft Guidelines For The Screening of Public Service Awareness Films in Cinema Theatres
  168. Candida auris in Stray Dogs
  169. Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha Scheme
  170. Navantia and Larsen & Toubro Collaborate for India’s P75 (I) Submarine Program
  171. AI Model for Knee Osteoarthritis Detection
  172. ODOP Collaborates with Groyyo for Online Platform
  173. Cluster Bombs
  174. Hydrogen-Powered Buses
  175. The eDAR Project
  176. Palliative Care In India
  177. Ker Puja in Tripura
  178. Quality Control Orders for Potable Water Bottles and Flame-Producing Lighters
  179. Telangana Eunuchs Act
  180. 6th India-Arab Business Partnership Conference
  181. Air-Conditioning Systems in Truck Cabins
  182. India-Tanzania Joint Surveillance Of Tanzanian EEZ
  183. Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s
  184. Gujarat Government Upgrades PMJAY-MA Scheme
  185. India’s First Regional AI News Presenter, “LISA”
  186. What is Money Muling?
  187. Composite Semiconductor
  188. What are Shelf Clouds?
  189. Tropical Primary Forests Continues To Decline
  190. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme
  191. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
  192. Urban 20 Mayoral Summit
  193. Solomon Islands and China Forge New Agreements
  194. Kui Language Included In The 8th Schedule
  195. India’s White Shrimp
  196. SAMARTH Scheme
  197. Intense Monsoon Rainfall in Northern India
  198. Uttar Pradesh’s Health ATM Initiative
  199. Anthropocene Epoch
  200. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to France and UAE
  201. Salsola Oppositifolia Desfontani
  202. Chandrayaan-3
  203. Uttar Pradesh Approves Ultra-Supercritical Thermal Power Projects
  204. What is a Periscope?
  205. What is Solar Maximum?
  206. Operation Broader Sword
  207. 11th A-WEB Executive Board Meeting
  208. EKVI Air Training Organization
  209. 50th GST Council Meeting
  210. 34th International Biology Olympiad 2023
  211. European Sky Shield Initiative
  212. What is Hydrazine Hydrate?
  213. International Temple Convention and Expo to be Held in Varanasi
  214. India to Host ASEAN Countries Conference on Traditional Medicines
  215. Op Southern Readiness 2023
  216. Defence Acquisition Council approves proposals for the Armed Forces & Indian Coast Guard
  217. Defence ministry, FSSAI to promote use of millets
  218. Hierarchical Double Networks of Polymers
  219. Kaas Plateau
  220. India Mobile Congress 2023
  221. The ATR Module of AuditOnline
  223. Michele Bullock, First Female Head of the Reserve Bank of Australia
  224. Opportunities for Indian Students in France
  225. Southern Railway’s Amrit Bharat Station Scheme
  226. Atlantic Menhaden
  227. ‘Gajah Kotha’ Campaign
  228. Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023
  229. Human-Made Climate Change Fueling Record Heat in 2023
  230. Karachi’s Livability Challenges
  231. Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour
  232. MODIS Data Analysis
  233. Gurdwara Patshahi Rori Sahib Jahman
  234. National Policy for Rare Diseases
  235. MEIDAM 2023
  236. Chandrayaan 3: India’s Mission to Explore the Lunar Surface
  237. Lithium for commercial mining
  238. Atal Vayo Abhyuday Yojana
  239. Securities Contract Regulation Act (SCRA)
  240. BHARAT (Banks Heralding Accelerated Rural & Agriculture Transformation) Campaign
  241. The Hathnikund Barrage
  242. Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Site
  243. Prism: The Ancestral Abode of Rainbow
  244. What is Bard Chatbot?
  245. Megasiphon Thylacos, a new fossil species of tunicate discovered
  246. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official visit to France
  247. 50th Anniversary of the Asian Athletics Association (AAA)
  248. Authoor Betel Leaves Received GI Tags
  249. The Golden Peacock Environment Management Award
  250. Exercise Nomadic Elephant – 2023
  251. India-Indonesia Economic and Financial Dialogue
  252. Regional Conference on ‘Drug Smuggling and National Security’
  253. Cell Broadcast Alert System Testing
  254. Export Policy of Non Basmati White Rice
  255. Rule 267 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Council of States (Rajya Sabha)
  256. Belgium National Day
  257. India-Japan MoU on semiconductor development
  258. Artificial Intelligence and Data Authority of India
  259. STAR-C initiative
  260. Henley Passport Index
  261. Early childhood care and education (ECCE) kit
  262. Sovereign Green Bonds
  263. Kuki-Zo tribe
  264. Rajasthan Honour of Dead Body Bill, 2023
  265. Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN)
  266. Kuruba community
  267. Project Cheetah and Radio Collar Infections
  268. Arhtiyas
  269. Topoisomerases
  270. Matsya Vahini e-autorickshaws
  271. Jharkhand’s Vision Document to Achieve 2070 Net Zero Target
  272. Threat of Tea Plantations to Shola Forests in India
  273. European Peace Facility
  274. Magellanic penguins
  275. Lokotunjailurus chinsamyae and Dinofelis werdelini
  276. White Seahorse
  277. Basking Sharks
  278. Admiral Lisa Franchetti
  279. SEBI’s six new mutual fund strategies under ESG theme
  280. Price Stabilisation Fund
  281. Cymbidium Lancifolium
  282. Advertising Standards Council of India’s Charity Norms
  283. Odisha’s ‘Interest Subsidy-Subvention’ scheme
  284. MAHSR – C3 package
  285. Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill, 2022
  286. Forest Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023
  287. Rajasthan Platform Based GIG Workers (registration and welfare) Bill, 2023
  288. Gyanvapi mosque
  289. Surat Diamond Bourse
  290. National Conference on Rural WASH Partners’ Forum
  291. Intellectual Property Rights Policy Management (IPRPM) framework
  292. Centre launches Technological Advancements in Crop Insurance
  293. TNSCZMA Proposes Regional Coordination Units
  294. Steel Slag Road Technology
  295. Aeolus Wind Satellite
  296. Hindon River
  297. Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) Academy
  298. Mount Kun
  299. Batagaika crater
  300. Impact of Climate Change on Lighter-colored Butterflies
  301. Ludwigia peruviana
  302. Satellite network portal site
  303. Marine heat waves
  304. Greening the time
  305. BRICS Urbanisation Forum
  306. Talisman Sabre exercises
  307. ‘Akira’ Ransomware attack
  308. Ayushman Bhav programme
  309. ‘Semicon India 2023’
  310. Market Access Initiatives (MAI) Scheme
  311. JJM Digital Academy
  312. 5th Helicopter & Small Aircraft Summit
  313. Hygroelectricity
  314. Standing Committee on Statistics (SCoS)
  315. Inter-Services Organisations (Command, Control and Discipline) Bill 2023
  316. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
  317. Bennu 3-D: Anatomy of an Asteroid
  318. PSLV-C56
  319. Full-time children
  320. National Tele Mental Health Programme
  321. ‘Meri Maati Mera Desh’ campaign
  322. Cannabis Medicine Project
  323. Israel’s Reasonableness Bill
  324. Software-Defined Radio Tactical (SDR-Tac)
  325. Te’omim Cave
  326. Water deficit desert
  327. National Dental Commission Bill, 2023
  328. DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019
  329. “Depositor Education and Awareness” (DEA) Fund
  330. TRAI’s Draft Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund (Sixth Amendment) Regulation, 2023
  331. Silver cockscomb
  332. India Climate Energy Dashboard (ICED) 3.0
  333. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS)
  334. Dr. Mod Helmy
  335. DS-SAR satellite
  336. High Level Dialogues between COP28 UAE Presidency and International Energy Agency
  337. Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) Dam
  338. MERS Coronavirus
  339. Commemorative coins to mark India’s G20 presidency
  340. Badgirs
  341. Entoloma hochstetteri
  342. Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (CGRFA)
  343. International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
  344. Byculla Railway station
  345. Wataria parvipora forest
  346. STARFIRE Algorithm
  347. Worldcoin project
  348. Africa’s first debt-for-nature swap
  349. ‘Khelo India – National Programme for Development of Sports’ Scheme
  350. S. Phangnon Konyak
  351. Japan’s Population Decline
  352. UK-India Young Professionals Scheme
  353. UGC Guidelines for Institutional Development Plan (IDP) for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  354. Maitree Super Thermal Power Project (STPP)
  355. RoboMapper
  356. Frontier Model Forum
  357. MoU between INDIAai and Meta India on AI Collaboration
  358. Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT)
  359. JUPITER-3
  360. Water ATM
  361. Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2022
  362. Jharkhand’s PESA draft rules
  363. No-confidence motion
  364. International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre – ‘Bharat Mandapam’
  365. Summit on “Global Chemicals and Petrochemicals Manufacturing Hubs in India”
  366. National Conference on ‘Moving Mental Health beyond Institutions’
  367. Forest (Conservation) Amendment Bill 2023
  368. Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar
  369. First ever Aadhaar Centre in Indian Army
  370. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)
  371. Urea Gold
  372. PM-DevINE Scheme
  373. Demonstration Rocket for Agile Cislunar Operations
  374. NITI Aayog’s guidelines for livestock telemedicine in India
  375. DENV Type 2
  376. Herbig-Haro 46/47
  377. Silvopasture system
  378. Corporate Debt Market Development Fund (CDMDF)
  379. Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation (Amendment) Bill, 2023
  380. Jan Vishwas (Amendment of Provisions) Bill 2023
  381. Nuclear cabbage strategy
  382. Global Education Monitoring Report 2023
  383. Lingxi-03
  384. Gulf Stream system
  385. Delisting
  386. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Repealing Regulations, 2023
  387. Rajkot International Airport
  388. Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships
  389. Enhancing Connectivity and Sustainability in Bihar Roads Project
  390. Multi-State Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Bill 2023
  391. Ayushman Bhav Programme
  392. Markarian 421
  393. Hindon River
  394. JJM Digital Academy
  395. Market Access Initiatives (MAI) Scheme
  396. Leon Marchand
  397. Semicon India 2023
  398. Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill 2023
  399. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
  400. Marine Heat Waves
  401. Digital Payment Index
  402. Batagaika Crater
  403. Bali declaration
  404. Corporate Debt Market Development Fund (CDMDF)
  405. Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority (TNSCZMA)
  406. Bharat Mandapam
  407. Stapled Visas
  408. Semiconductor policy (2022-2027)
  409. Depositor Education and Awareness (DEA) Fund
  410. Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund
  411. Kawal Tiger Reserve
  412. Indo-Swiss Innovation Platform
  413. Water Deficit Desert
  414. Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Samagam
  415. LiFE Mission
  416. National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill
  417. Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)
  418. Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2023
  419. Asteroid Bennu
  420. UDAN Scheme
  421. Te’omim Cave
  422. National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India (NCCF)
  423. Meri Maati Mera Desh campaign
  424. Parkachik Glacier
  425. U.N. World Food Programme (WFP)
  426. High-Level Political Forum (HLPF)