Current Affairs - June 2023

Current Affairs for June 2023

  1. Ex Khaan Quest 2023
  2. Draft Proposal for Delimitation of Assembly & Parliamentary Constituencies for Assam
  3. TRAI’s Recommendations for Strengthening India’s Submarine Cable Infrastructure
  4. Ocean Ring of Yoga: Promoting Unity and Well-being
  5. CREDAI Garden-People’s Park: A Green Oasis for All
  6. NHPC’s Contributions at ICOLD 2023
  7. NHAI’s Knowledge Sharing Platform
  8. Motor Third Party Premium and Liability Rules for FY 2023-24
  9. GEMCOVAC-OM omicron specific Vaccine
  10. Heat Strokes
  11. The “One Nation, One Helpline” Policy
  12. NASA-Boeing team up for Sustainable Flight Demonstrator (SFD) project.
  13. India-UNWTO Partnership to Promote Sustainable Tourism
  14. Tawang Marathon: Promoting Fitness and Unleashing Sporting Potential
  15. Operation Kawach
  16. The Punjab Police (Amendment) Bill, 2023
  17. EU’s 50-Billion-Euro Package to Support Ukraine
  18. Ukraine Recovery Conference
  19. The Global Food Policy Report (GFPR) 2023
  20. Honoring the Legacy of Magdalena Abakanowicz
  21. Sabai Grass Yoga Mats
  22. Orvakallu Mesolithic Rock Paintings
  23. Global Gender Gap Report 2023
  24. Withdrawal of Livestock and Livestock Products (Importation and Exportation) Bill, 2023
  25. The Non-Conforming Industrial Area Redevelopment Project
  26. Nutraceutical Properties of Joha Rice
  27. Liberalization of UAV Export Policy
  28. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Heliopolis War Cemetery
  29. India’s Membership in the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP)
  30. The Samosa Caucus
  31. The Giant African Land Snail: A Threat to Florida’s Environment
  32. The Growing Threat of Type-2 Diabetes
  33. Sagittarius A*, The Closest Supermassive Black Hole
  34. Atrial Fibrillation
  35. Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah Mosque
  36. The Threat of Domoic Acid
  37. Canada’s Online News Act
  38. USS Ronald Reagan’s Visit to Vietnam
  39. Jagananna Suraksha in Andhra Pradesh
  40. The 4,000-Year-Old Sanctuary in the Netherlands
  41. India-UAE Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) for AEOs
  42. Order of the Nile Award
  43. REC Limited Extends Financial Support for Bangalore Metro Phase-II Project
  44. Udyami Bharat-MSME Day
  45. India-Egypt Strategic Partnership
  46. World Competitiveness Index 2023
  47. Kyriakos Mitsotakis Re-elected as Greece’s Prime Minister
  48. ASEAN’s Solidarity Exercise
  49. World Bank’s Loan to Enhance Technical Education in India
  50. Watermelon Snow
  51. Myanmar’s Critically Endangered Burmese Peacock Softshell Turtles
  52. High Death Rates in Bee Colonies
  53. Google’s ‘Perspectives’ Search
  54. The ‘In-Country’ Solution for H-1B Visa Renewal
  55. Banning of Drug Nimesulide
  56. Polluter Pays Principle highlighted at Paris Finance Summit
  57. Compliance Status of Coal-Based Power Plants Report
  58. Kharchi Puja, the Festival of 14 Gods
  59. Swarnim Himalaya Campaign
  60. Hasarius Mumbai
  61. NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft
  62. Odisha Gunvatta Sankalp
  63. Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment 2023-24
  64. NANDI Portal
  66. The Hajj Pilgrimage
  67. Robert Frost
  68. The Seizure of Rostov-on-Don
  69. Digital Publisher Content Grievances Council
  70. John Goodenough
  71. SEBI Introduces New Disclosure Formats for REITs and InvITs
  72. UK’s Targeted Lung Cancer Screening Program
  73. Red-Eared Sliders
  74. The 10BedICU Projects in Assam
  75. The Varasat Campaign in Uttar Pradesh
  76. Delhi’s Grievance Redressal Rules for TPDS and Fair Price Shops
  77. James Webb Telescope Discovers Methyl Cation
  78. Ambubachi Mela
  79. National Sickle Cell Anaemia Elimination Mission
  80. Cell-Cultivated Meat
  81. Olympicetus thalassodon
  82. Indian Ocean Dipole and how it can limit El Nino Effects
  83. Centre Provides Financial Incentives to States
  84. Sahitya Akademi Children’s Literature Award 2023
  85. ‘Report Fish Disease’ App
  86. Rugose Spiralling Whitefly
  87. Restructuring Multilateral Development Banks
  88. ISSB Sets Global Standards to Combat Greenwashing
  89. Flash Floods
  90. Liberalised Remittances Scheme (LRS)
  91. CHAMPIONS 2.0 Portal
  92. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
  93. Sagar Samajik Sahayog
  94. Tam PÓ Ling Caves
  95. Addressing Custodial Torture
  96. PM MITRA Scheme
  97. Delimitation in Assam
  98. Tectonic Deformation
  99. North India’s First Skin Bank Inaugurated at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital
  100. Operation Conviction
  101. Rani Durgavati Gaurav Yatra
  102. National Research Foundation Bill 2023
  103. The Vitasta Festival
  104. Eid-ul-Zuha
  105. United Nations General Assembly Security Council Children and Armed Conflict Report
  106. Divya Kala Mela
  107. Resource Adequacy Planning Framework Guidelines
  108. International Conference on Green Hydrogen
  109. Scheme for Financial Assistance for Veteran Artists
  110. India’s Role in the 6G Vision Framework
  111. 5G & Beyond Hackathon 2023
  112. CCEA’s Package For Farmers
  113. Headquarters Agreement between India and CDRI
  114. Pinanga Subterranea
  115. Jizai Arms
  116. PM-PRANAM
  117. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
  118. Just Energy Transition Partnership
  119. The Congo Rainforest