current affairs - october, 2023

  1. Intelligent Grievance Monitoring System
  2. Staghorn Coral
  3. Pygmy Hog
  4. Macrophages
  5. Sela Tunnel Project
  6. Badis Limaakumi
  7. Financial Stability Board
  8. Project Udbhav
  9. Kalakkad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
  10. Bojjannakonda
  11. Invasive Plants Threaten 66% of India’s Natural Systems
  12. UN ESCAP’s 10 Principles for a Greener Asia and the Pacific
  13. LDC Leaders Issue Dakar Declaration on Climate Change
  14. Stubble Burning Starts Early in Punjab and Haryana
  15. BlueWalker 3 Posing Challenge for Astronomy
  16. Climate Change Impacting Dandeli Ecosystem
  17. Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to Iranian Activist
  18. Norwegian Writer Awarded Nobel for Literature 2023
  19. Sarakka Central Tribal University Approved
  20. Punjab Bans PUSA-44 Variety
  21. Delhi High Court Issues Dynamic Injunction
  22. SC Considering Sign Language for Constitution Bench Hearings
  23. Government Organization Areas in TN Declared ‘Prohibited Place’
  24. New Disability Rules to Protect Interests of Genuine Beneficiaries
  25. 2023 Economics Nobel awarded to Claudia Goldin
  26. Trajectory Correction Maneuver carried out for Aditya L1
  27. RBI’s OMO catches Market by Surprise
  28. India to launch National Framework for Climate Services
  29. India and Tanzania elevate ties to Strategic Partnership
  30. NSG tackles Invasive Plant in the Aravallis
  31. Survey finds decline in Unemployment Rate
  32. IMHF to be held this month
  33. Protocol to manage Malnourishment released
  34. Russia to build a Base in Abkhazia
  35. Sri Lanka to take over IORA Chair
  36. Animated Series on Freedom Struggle Launched
  37. S Jaishankar attends Indian Ocean Conference in Colombo
  38. Cabinet approved MoUs with Several Countries
  39. Operation Ajay to evacuate Indians from Israel
  40. Center announces MY Bharat Platform
  41. Bankrupt Sri Lanka gets Tentative Agreement from Debt Restructure Plan
  42. Israel forms Emergency Government
  43. Competitive Royalty Rates for Lithium and Rare Earth Elements
  44. Goan Cashew gets GI Tag
  45. Baigas get Habitat Rights
  46. Launch of the CORS Network
  47. Understanding International Law in Times of Conflict
  48. Mission Indradhanush 5.0 (IMI 5.0) Targets Measles and Rubella Vaccination
  49. UNICEF’s Passport to Earning Initiative Certifies One Million Learners
  50. DBT-WIPO Supported Global Health Innovation Fellowship Launched
  51. Advancing Smart Mobility: Launch of Indigenous Technologies at 11th Traffic Expo
  52. INS Sagardhwani Embarks on Sagar Maitri Mission-4
  53. Odisha’s Vision for Progress: ‘Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha’ Initiative
  54. Naik Yeshwant Ghadge: India’s Unsung Hero of World War II
  55. Tamil Nadu Launches ‘The Nilgiri Tahr’ Project for Conservation of State Animal
  56. India Ranks 111th on Global Hunger Index 2023
  57. UN Warns: Global Water Cycle in Crisis
  58. Antarctica Unlocks the Secrets of Taupō Supervolcano’s Historic Eruption
  59. USS Ronald Reagan Arrives in South Korea Amid North Korean Tensions
  60. The Rosebank Oil Field Controversy
  61. Understanding “Foetal Viability” and Unborn Child Rights in Abortion Cases
  62. Australia’s Indigenous Voice Referendum: Recognizing First Peoples in the Constitution
  63. India Achieves Breakthrough with Homegrown CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer Treatment
  64. World Bank: Congo’s Path to Reducing Rural Poverty and Enhancing Climate Resilience
  65. NASA Discovers Carbon and Water in Asteroid Bennu Samples
  66. NASA Launches Spacecraft to Explore Metal-Rich Asteroid Psyche
  67. Christopher Luxon Wins New Zealand Election as Incumbent Concedes
  68. Celebrating India’s Space Milestone: August 23 Declared National Space Day
  69. IMF Successfully Achieves $3 Billion Fundraising Goal for Poorest Nations
  70. Mahalaya Durga Puja 2023: A Celebration of Triumph and Tradition
  71. The End of an Era: UK’s JET Fusion Laboratory Concludes 40-Year Experiments
  72. Biden’s $7 Billion Plan to Promote Clean Hydrogen Across America
  73. Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles and Environmental Conservation: LiFE Initiatives
  74. Union Minister Piyush Goyal Releases PM GatiShakti Compendium: Two Years of Progress
  75. World Organisation for Animal Health Approves India’s Freedom from Avian Influenza in Poultry Compartments
  76. Unlocking the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
  77. Dedicated CAA Portal in the Works
  78. New Water Reservoir Benefits 6,500 Families
  79. China and Turkiye Explore BRI and Middle Corridor Alignment
  80. Assessing Disasters’ Impact on Agriculture and Food Security
  81. New Zealand Prime Minister-Elect Christopher Luxon Focusing on Building Coalition Relationships
  82. Tropical Crops at Risk Due to Pollinator Loss from Climate Change and Land Use
  83. Indian Army Commanders Conference: Addressing National Security Challenges
  84. India Declares August 23 as ‘National Space Day’
  85. Ecuador’s Youngest President: Daniel Noboa
  86. Israel’s Canine Unit Rescues 200 People in Kibbutz
  87. IOC Strengthens Human Rights Commitments
  88. UK and Tamil Nadu: Pioneering Smart Tech Collaboration
  89. Jharkhand’s Heartwarming ’35th Durga’ Arrival on Mahalaya
  90. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Mediterranean
  91. India’s Poultry Industry Achieves WOAH’s Avian Influenza Freedom Approval
  92. Supreme Court Rejects Woman’s Request to Terminate 26-Week Pregnancy
  93. World Health Summit 2023: A Glimpse of Global Health Agenda
  94. Putin Draws Parallels Between Israel’s Actions in Gaza and the Leningrad Siege
  95. Skill India and Coca-Cola India Partner to Launch Retailer Skill Development Program
  96. US Weather Agency Predicts ‘Super El Nino’ in 2024
  97. AI Discovers First Supernova: A Breakthrough in Astronomy
  98. Advancing the Scientific Basis for Biodiversity Action
  99. Low Serotonin Levels and ‘Brain Fog’ in Long Covid Patients
  100. PM Modi to Unveil Blueprint for India’s Maritime Growth at GMIS
  101. Income Tax Department Offers Respite to DPIIT-Registered Startups from Angel Tax Scrutiny
  102. Navratri Celebrations: Enthusiastic Garba Dancing in Surat and Across India
  103. Adani’s Vizhinjam Port Becomes India’s Gateway for Mega Ships
  104. Government Accepts IIPS Director’s Resignation and Revokes Suspension
  105. FSSAI Launches Eat Right Creativity Challenge for Millets on World Food Day
  106. Supreme Court Refers Electoral Bond Scheme Challenge to 5-Judge Bench
  107. Tripura’s First E-Office Launched by CM Manik Saha in South Tripura
  108. PM Modi to Unveil India’s First RapidX Train: What You Need to Know
  109. Reviving India-Sri Lanka Ferry Link
  110. Mazagon Dock & Shipbuilders to Construct Training Ship for Indian Coast Guard
  111. Parental Consent Required for National Student ID Scheme in Maharashtra
  112. Ancient Egypt’s Rich Diversity of Venomous Snakes: A Recent Study
  113. 4,000-Year-Old Mysterious Rock Unveils Archaeological ‘Treasure Map’ in France
  114. Record High Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon Raises Environmental Concerns
  115. Prime Minister Modi Unveils Blueprint for India’s Maritime Blue Economy
  116. Global Celebration of Ayurveda Day
  117. Cybersecurity Breach: Red Alert App Targeted by AnonGhost
  118. Education Minister Launches ‘Apna Chandrayaan’ Portal for Students
  119. Global Water Crisis Looms: Freshwater Ecosystems in Peril
  120. Gulf Stream Slowing Down by 4%: Potential Climate Change Culprit
  121. Government Panel to Review Regulatory Framework for Unlisted Companies
  122. Global Hunger Crisis Worsens Due to Multiple Crises
  123. Orionid Meteor Shower in 2023
  124. China’s Quest for Ghost Particles: Trident Underwater Telescope
  125. Supreme Court’s Ruling on Telcos’ License Fee Taxation
  126. The Impact of Climate Change on Lymphatic Filariasis in India
  127. Online Registrations Begin for Yuva Sangam (Phase III) – An Opportunity for Youth Across India
  128. Webb Space Telescope Detects Quartz Crystals in Clouds of Distant Hot Gas Giant
  129. India Expects Over Rs 75,000 Crore Investment at World Food India 2023
  130. Indian Air Force Tests Longer-Range Air-Launched BrahMos Cruise Missile
  131. Delhi Launches ‘Anti-Industrial Pollution’ Campaign from Oct 20 to Nov 20
  132. PM Modi to Inaugurate 511 Rural Skill Development Centers in Maharashtra
  133. Insufficient Budget Allocation for ‘Mittayi’ Project Frustrates Parents of Type-1 Diabetes Patients
  134. Strengthening Security Measures for Powered Hang Gliders: Responding to a Covert Infiltration
  135. Copyright Infringement and Protection in Religious Texts: Insights from the Delhi High Court
  136. Union Cabinet Approves Green Energy Corridor in Ladakh: Key Points and Significance
  137. Lunar Construction Breakthrough: Using Solar Fusion to Build Moon Roads
  138. BJP and Congress Demand Opening of Jagannath Temple’s Ratna Bhandar
  139. Abua Awas Yojana Jharkhand – Providing Homes for the Needy
  140. Center Urges States to Conduct Digital Crop Survey from July 2024
  141. Indian Air Force Upgrades Sukhoi-30 MKI Fleet with Indigenous ‘Virupaaksha’ Radar
  142. Operation Chakra-II: Battling Cyber Fraud with CBI, Microsoft, and Amazon
  143. Cotton Curse: Pink Bollworm Inflicts Severe Damage to Bt Cotton in North India
  144. Raghubar Das Appointed Odisha Governor: Shaping BJP’s Strategy in Jharkhand
  145. India’s Coal and Edible Oil Trade Vision: Navigating Challenges, Fostering Growth
  146. Andhra Pradesh Government Introduces AI-Powered ‘Doubt Clearance Bot’ for Student Learning
  147. ICMR Successfully Tests Medical Drone Delivery in Himachal Pradesh’s Challenging Terrain
  148. India’s Coal Imports Exceed Rs. 3.85 Lakh Crore in a Year
  149. Russia Closely Monitors U.S. Nuclear Test in Nevada, Prompting International Concern
  150. Harnessing Private Sector Investment to Combat Climate Change
  151. Karthikeyan Murali Achieves Rare Feat by Defeating Magnus Carlsen in Classical Chess
  152. New Study Challenges Conventional View of the Little Ice Age (LIA) as Cold and Dry
  153. Signs of Potential Volcanic Activity in Long Valley Caldera, California
  154. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reveal Hamas amassed 500,000 liters of fuel
  155. NASA’s Struggles with Canister Containing Asteroid Samples
  156. ‘Super Fog’ Triggers Tragic 168-Car Pileup in New Orleans
  157. DNA and Face Matching Systems to be Deployed in Indian Police Stations
  158. EU’s Strategic Push to Strengthen Wind Industry in Response to China’s Clean Tech Dominance
  159. Ancient ‘Sea Murderer’ Lorrainosaurus, a Megapredator from the Jurassic Era
  160. How Election Symbols are Allotted to Political Parties in India: A Comprehensive Guide
  161. Sales of Automatic Cars Soar
  162. Snow Leopard Population in Himachal Pradesh: A Conservation Success Story
  163. The Unavoidable Melting of West Antarctic Ice Shelves Despite Carbon Emissions Cuts
  164. Mandatory Integrity Pacts for Road Consultants in India
  165. Innovative Solution Found for Oxygen Production on Mars
  166. Indian Breeds to Serve as Police Dogs in CAPFs
  167. Apollo 17 Lunar Crystals Reveal Moon’s True Age
  168. National 5G Hackathon ‘Vimarsh-2023’: Revolutionizing Policing with Technology
  169. Protecting Tropical Forests: The Urgency at the Three Basins Summit
  170. Icelandic Women and PM Strike for Gender Equality
  171. RBI Mandates Two Whole-Time Directors for Private Banks
  172. IOC Introduces ‘Reference’ Petrol and Diesel for Automobile Testing
  173. PM Modi Applauds Cabinet’s Approval for Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project
  174. Northwestern and South-Central India: Emerging Heatwave Hotspots
  175. Indian Army’s First Vertical Wind Tunnel Enhances Training
  176. NASA’s Roman Space Telescope: Peering into the Milky Way’s Heart
  177. Competition Commission of India (CCI) Joins ICN’s Steering Group
  178. Cabinet Approves Rs 22,303 Crore Fertilizer Subsidy for Rabi Season
  179. Made-in-India EV Charging Standard for Bikes and Scooters: Why It’s Important
  180. Vodafone Idea-C-DoT IoT Lab Advances Testing of 5G and NB-IoT Devices
  181. Xiao-I Unveils Hua Zang Universal Large Language Model Ecosystem
  182. India Achieves Record-Breaking Medal Haul at Asian Para Games
  183. Tensions Flare at Ethics Committee Meeting Over Mahua Moitra’s Case
  184. China Sends Its Youngest-Ever Space Crew in Quest to Land Astronauts on the Moon by 2030
  185. Record High Solar Energy Generation in Australia Lowers Wholesale Electricity Prices
  186. UNGA Vote on Gaza Conflict: India’s Abstention
  187. Celebrating ‘Shaurya Diwas’ in Kashmir – 76 Years of Freedom
  188. MCA Barge Yard 75 (LSAM 7) Launch in Visakhapatnam
  189. Extension Granted to Committee on Maratha Caste Certificates in Maharashtra
  190. Online Gaming Industry Unites to Establish Skilled Online Games Institute (SOGI)
  191. Delhi Government to Relaunch Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana for Free Coaching
  192. Reliance Jio Reports Slowest Profit Growth in Seven Quarters
  193. Canada Implements Measures to Protect International Students from Fraud
  194. National Annual Conference on Numismatics Commences in Shimla
  195. Ministry of Tourism Showcases India’s Travel Offerings at ITB Asia in Singapore
  196. Indian Government to Tender for 3,000 Electric Buses in ‘PM-ebus Sewa’ Scheme
  197. National Conference Report Urges Involvement of Youth in Combating Drug Menace
  198. Rice Prices Surge 8.81% in 2022 as Kharif Production Declines
  199. Centre Launches ‘Dark Patterns Buster Hackathon 2023’ to Detect Unfair Trade Practices on E-commerce Platforms
  200. Evaluating Cannabidiol as an Adjunct Treatment for Drug-Resistant Idiopathic Epilepsy in Dogs
  201. Neutron Star Merger Unveils Tellurium and Heavy Elements: Webb Telescope’s Spectacular Discovery
  202. North East India Festival in Vietnam: A Gateway to Tourism, Investment, and Cultural Exchange
  203. Union Finance Minister Urges Use of Technology and International Collaboration to Combat Illegal Trade
  204. Uttarakhand Government Establishes Rajaji Tiger Reserve Conservation Foundation
  205. Supreme Court Dismisses Manish Sisodia’s Bail Plea, Emphasizes Rule of Law
  206. India and Russia to Discuss Remaining S-400 Squadron Deliveries
  207. The Veneration of Muthuramalinga Thevar’s Statue in Kolkata
  208. Indian Army Successfully Test-fires Rocket and Turret Guns of Indigenous Light Combat Helicopter “Prachand”
  209. RBI Guidelines for Closure of DCCB Branches and Name Change Procedure
  210. EU-Australia Trade Deal Negotiations Collapse
  211. Northeast Infrastructure Boost: Nitin Gadkari’s Key Projects and Future Plans
  212. India Calls for Formal Negotiations on WTO Dispute Settlement Reforms
  213. Cauvery Water Dispute: Karnataka Directed to Release 2,600 Cusecs for 15 Days
  214. Indian Navy Launches Second Diving Support Craft (DSC) as Part of Project
  215. Understanding the Concept of “Prisoner’s Dilemma” in International Relations
  216. Former IAF Vice-Chief Air Marshal PK Barbora, Pioneer of Jaguar Squadron, Passes Away
  217. Netherlands to Discontinue ‘Golden Visa’ Program from January 2024