National e-governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA) Report 2021: Important Facts

On 13th June 2022, the National e-governance service delivery assessment (NeSDA) report 2021 has been published. This report was established in the year 2019 by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DARPG). This report is released biennially and evaluates the states and UTs of the nation. It also focuses on the various Central Ministries and the efficiency shown by them for the delivery of e-Governance services.

The NeSDA report covers services across how many sectors?

This report has covered services in 7 sectors which are:

  • Employment and Labour
  • Finance
  • Utility Services as well as Local Governance
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Social Welfare
  • Tourism

This report has included 56 services that are compulsory for each state and UTs as well as 27 services that are being focused on by the Central Ministries.

What was the performance of various states in this report?

  • North-East and Hill States: The top-ranking states in this category are Meghalaya and Nagaland having total overall compliance of over per cent in all parameters.
  • Union Territories: The top-ranking UT was Jammu & Kashmir having total compliance of around 90 per cent.
  • Other States: Odisha, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka have been shown to have total compliance of over 85 per cent.
  • The services portals for Hill and North-East States: Tripura and Meghalaya topped and they improved in comparison to the NeSDA 2019 report.
  • Amongst the states and UTs of the nation, Kerala received the highest total compliance score.
  • Keeping out the UTs and the NE states, Tamil Nadu increased the most as compared to 2019.
  • Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala, and Goa also improved on their services portals compliance by 100 per cent.
  • In the services portals parameters, the top-ranking states are Rajasthan, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

What was the ranking of the central ministries in this report?

The leading ministry portals are:

  • Home Affairs
  • Environment, Forest & Climate Change
  • Rural Development
  • Education

They have a total compliance score of over 80 per cent. The highest score was achieved by the Home Affairs ministry.

The top-ranking ministry services portals are:

  • Digital Police Portal
  • Central Public Procurement Portal
  • Bhavishya Portal

They have achieved a total compliance of over 85 per cent.


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