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National Waterways of India

Cruise Shipping

To promote the growth of Cruise Shipping, an inter-Ministerial Steering Committee with Secretary (Shipping) as Chairman has been constituted in June, 2010 to address the issues relating to development of cruise shipping. The Steering Committee has identified five ports, namely, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Mangalore and Cochin for development of Cruise tourism.

Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project

To ensure that vessels moving between eastern and western coasts of India could have a continuous navigable route within India’s own territorial waters, the implementation of Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project envisaging cutting of a channel to connect the Gulf of Mannar and Bay of Bengal through Palk Strait and Palk Bay is under way.

National Waterways of India

Waterways Stretch Specication Year of
NW 1 Allahabad-Haldia It is one of the most important waterways in 1986
  Stretch (1,620 km) India, which is navigable by mechanical boats  
    up to Patna and by ordinary boats up to  
    Haridwar. It is divided into three parts for  
    developmental purposes ‘ (i) Haldia-Farakka  
    (560 km), (ii) Farakka-Patna (460 km),  
    (iii) Patna-Allahabad (600 km).  
NW 2 Sadiya-Dhubri stretch Brahmaputra is navigable by steamers up to 1988
  (891 km) Dibrugarh (1,384 km) which is shared by India  
    and Bangladesh.  
NW 3 Kottapuram-Kollam It includes 168 km of west coast canal along 1991
  Stretch (205 km) with Champakara canal (23 km) and  
    Udyogmandal canal (14 km).  


      Indian and World Geography 159
NW 4 Kakinada Stretch of canal and Kalurelly Tank stretches 2008
  Puduchery (1995 km) of river Godavari and Krishna.  
NW 5 Talcher Dhamra Stretch of river Brahmani Geonkhali Cherlatia 2008
  (623 km) stretch of East coast canal, Chertectia Dharma,  
    Stretch of Matai river alongwith Mahanadi delta  

The dredging in Adams Bridge region has been stopped in view of the Honrble Supreme Court order. Pursuant to orders of the Honrble Supreme Court, a Committee of Experts has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Dr. R.K. Pachauri, to consider the alternative alignment in respect of the Sethusamudarm Ship Channel Project. Based on the recommendation of the Expert Committee, National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa has been assigned the task of undertaking Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed alternative alignment. The NIO has alized its report which is under consideration of the Expert Committee.

Saving of distance through the proposed Sethusamudarm Ship Channel Project (Nautical miles)

From To Distance through Distance through Saving of
    present route proposed route Distance
Kanniyakumari Chennai 750 407 343
Kanniyakumari Vishakhapatnam 1014 724 290
Kanniyakumari Kolkata 1357 1103 254
Tuticorin Chennai 759 345 414
Tuticorin Vishakhapatnam 1028 662 366
Tuticorin Kolkata 1371 1041 330
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