New Indian Standard by BIS for ‘Mitticool Refrigerator’: Important Points

An Indian Standard has been developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). IS 17693: 2022 is the new standard that has been developed for cooling cabinets that do not require electricity and are made from clay.

Who is the inventor of this refrigerator and where was it displayed?

Gujarat’s Mansukh Bhai Prajapati has invented the ‘Mitticool refrigerator.’ This refrigerator has been made using eco-friendly technology. This refrigerator was first exhibited at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. The exhibition was done in collaboration with the National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and was exhibited at the 4th batch of Innovation Scholars In-Residence Program, 2017.

What does the BIS standard specify?

The new standard has specified the build and the functioning prerequisites of a cooling cabinet built of clay. The cabinet functions on the law of evaporative cooling. These cabinets can be utilized for the purpose of storing various kinds of foods such as milk, vegetables, etc that can turn bad.  These cabinets do not electricity to function.

How can the Mitticool Refrigerator help?

This refrigerator can help in:

  • Reviving the country’s pottery tradition
  • The cabinet can be used to bring back people to their roots of using natural products to keep healthy.

This refrigerator also helps in promoting consumption in a sustainable manner. It will also provide the indigenous community with a mode of earning. It can also help in the generation of employment as the cooler can be made by many. The cooler can contribute to environmental sustainability. Also, it will contribute by making rural women financially independent.


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