New Measure to Protect LGBTQ Rights in USA: Key Points

Recently, the President of the US, Joe Biden signed an order under which the rights of the LGBTQ community will be protected from various laws burdening them in the conservative states of the country. President Biden had promised that after being elected he will be working to uplift the rights of the LGBTQ community.

What are the laws in the conservative states?

This executive order will protect teachers from the order that was passed by the Republican politicians pushing for banning instructions delivered by teachers that are linked to an individual’s sexual orientation as well as gender identity. The newly passed order will also be countering all bans imposed on transgender girls, competing in various sports at the high school level. The order will also counter all attempts made to prohibit gender-affirming care. The order also hit back at doctors who preached about ways a person’s gender and orientation could be tuned via treatment.

What has been directed under this order?

The order has asked the secretary of human service, and health as well as the secretary of state to undertake measures so that the LGBTQ youths are not exposed to conversion therapy and slowly cycle it out of the system. This order has also asked the Federal Trade Commission to check into the fact that whether conversion therapy can be stated as an act of deception. The order also puts provisions to boost the reach of suicide prevention and mental healthcare to the LGBTQ community.

How liberal is LGBTQ right in the United States?

Over time, the rights of the LGBTQ community in the country have Improved. As compared to a lot of other countries, the laws of the United States for the LGBTQ community are much more liberal. However, the LGBTQ community can still face certain legal consequences that are not imposed on others. In the country, till the year 1962, all 50 states had criminalized same-sex activities. But by the year 2003, all such laws were scrapped. The LGBTQ community in America are offered protection from various forms of discrimination. But in 2022, more than 300 bills were passed in 36 of the country’s states to limit the entitlements of the LGBT community.


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