Osiris-Rex and Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s spacecraft Osiris-Rex has collected the two kilogram samples from asteroid Bennu into a capsule. The Osiris-Rex is expected to reach in 2023 into the Utah desert. The samples would be very crucial for the study and exploration about the cosmic materials. According to scientists, the samples can help to explore the knowhow of our planets in solar system, how they formed and how the life originated on the earth. The asteroid Bennu is composed of large amounts carbon which is believed to hold the source ingredient of the solar system.

What is Osiris-Rex and Asteroid Bennu?

It is Origins, Spectral Interpretations, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer. It is the mission launched by NASA in 2016 to study the asteroid and return by taking samples. It launched with the purpose to collect and study samples for asteroid Bennu, which is a carbonaceous near-earth asteroid and has dark surface. The samples returned by this mission would pave the way for the exploration of more knowledge and learning about the formation of the planet earth, how the life originated on the planet, formation of the solar system and source of organic compounds that gave birth to the life on the earth. Asteroid Bennu was purposefully selected because of its primitive nature. Bennu has undergone very little amounts of changes that kept it as a time capsule. One of the reasons to select the asteroid Bennu to this mission was that Bennu is considered to be composed of large amounts of carbonaceous material, which is the crucial element in organic molecules essential for the life on the earth and also found before the formation of the earth itself. Osiris-Rex is the third mission of its kind after mission Juno and mission New Horizons.

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