Proposal of Space Solar Plant by China: Key Facts

A plan has been formulated by China to launch a solar power plant in space in 2028. The launch will be done with the aim of getting inexhaustible power. The earlier plan of China was to launch a solar power station with a capacity of 1 megawatt in space by the year 2030. This solar power plant plan was first outlined in 2014.

What will be the function of the solar power plant in space?

This satellite that will be launched will be converting solar energy to lasers or microwaves and then the energy beams will be guided to various satellites and fixed locations. Wireless power transmission will also be tested from a height of 400 km in space to the ground. The solar power plant will hold 10 kilowatts of capacity, which would be enough to meet the requirements of a few households.

Where will the testing be conducted?

A testing facility having a size of 33-acres is being constructed in the Bishan district of Chongqing. This facility will be used by scientists to test the theoretical possibility of a solar power station that will be functioning in space. This facility will also be creating technologies that will be able to help in space transmission and will also be studying the effect of microwaves that will be beamed back to Earth on living things.


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