SAKSHAM Awareness Campaign

The Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), that works under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, launched have recently launched the SAKSHAM campaign. The campaign was launched in order to create awareness among the consumers of fossil fuels.

Key Facts

  • SAKSHAM is a 30-day long campaign.
  • The campaign highlights the health and environmental impacts of increasing the carbon footprints.
  • The campaign would comprise of the pan-India activities like cyclothon, farmer workshops. Through these activities, the campaign seeks to spread the awareness among people about the advantages of using clean fuels.

SAKSHAM Campaign

  • The primary idea of the campaign is to convince the consumers to switch to cleaner fuels. It seeks to bring about the behavioral change to use fossil fuel intelligently.
  • This campaign was launched in the year 2017 for the first time.
  • Since 2017, the campaign is organised every year by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) which works under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.
  • The theme of the campaign for this year is Green and Clean Energy.
  • The theme focuses on conserving fossil fuels as well as on promoting the green energy.
  • The campaign seeks to spread awareness about 7 key drivers to help India to move towards cleaner energy. The 7 key drivers are:
    1. To move towards a gas-based economy.
    2. To make clean use of fossil fuels.
    3. To rely on domestic sources to drive biofuels.
    4. To achieve the renewable targets with the set deadlines.
    5. To Increase the use of electric vehicles so as to decarbonize the mobility,
    6. To Increase the use of cleaner fuels like Hydrogen
    7. To come up with the digital innovation across all energy systems.

What is the need of such campaigns?

Such campaigns are needed for the maximum advantages of technologies and digital innovation. This would help in achieving the twin goals of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Significance of the campaign

The campaign will help in reducing the fuel consumption. It will also help in adopting the energy efficiency measures. Thus, it will help in providing the healthy and sustainable environment and development in the country.

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