Sayyid Dynasty (1414-1451 A.D.)

The Sayyid Sultans ruled for a relatively short period. There�were four Sayyid kings.�Khizr Khan Sayyid (1414-1421 A.D.) Khizr Khan was the�governor of Multan under Firoz Shah Tughluq. After Firoz’s�death, he supported his son in the war of succession. When�Timur attacked India, he joined him. When Timur left India,�he appointed Khizr Khan as the governor of Multan, Lahore�and Dipalpur. Khizr Khan conquered Delhi in 1414 A.D. and�started the rule of the Sayyids.

Mubarak Shah Sayyid (1421-1434 A.D.)

Mubarak Shah�succeeded his father. He was a man of vision and could have�revived the old glory of the Sultanate. The nobles, however,�were against him. Most of his time, therefore, was spent in�controlling his nobles.

Muhammad Shah Sayyid (1434-1443 A.D.)

Muhammad�Shah was Mubarak Shah’s nephew. During his reign, the nobles�became very powerful.

Ala-ud-din Alam Shah Sayyid (1443-1451 A.D.)

Alam Shah�was the next ruler. He lost Delhi to Bahlul Lodi in the year 1451.�With this, the brief rule of the Sayyid kings came to an end.

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