Sri Lanka passed the 20th Amendment of Sri Lankan Constitution

The Sri Lankan Parliament recently passed the 20th Amendment of Sri Lankan constitution. The amendment rolled back the 19th constitutional amendment.


The 20th amendment has been passed to over-rule the 19th amendment that has weakened the powers of the President expanded by the 18th amendment. Those powers were:

  1. The President of Sri Lanka could seek a re-election any number of times.
  2. He could bring any independent commissions under his authority.
  3. The 10-member Council of the constitution was replaced with a 5-member council.
  4. It allowed the President to attend Parliament once in three months.

20th amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution

The amendment has expanded the powers of Sri Lankan President. It has increased the immunity of the President further. Under it,  the President will get the power to dissolve the parliament after two years and six months when elected.  The amendment has further empower the President to appoint any person in the Government offices such as public services, election officials, human rights, police, corruption investigation commissions, bribery etc even without getting consent from members of the parliament However, the amendment has weakened the powers of the Prime Minister.