Sulawesi Cave Painting

Indonesia recently discovered some of the oldest known surviving cave art. The discovered painting was a figurative painting of a Sulawesi warty pig (the scientific name of which is Sus celebensis). Archaeologists reports that the painting, found from the Leang Bulu’ Sipong 4 in the limestone karsts of Maros-Pangkep in South Sulawesi region, was created some 43,900 years ago (43.9 ka). The age of the painting was calculated on the basis of Uranium-series dating. The oldest, with a minimum age of 45.5 ka, is from Leang Tedongnge.

Sulawesi warty pig

  • The pig is having a short crest of upright hairs and a pair of horn-like facial warts in front of the eyes.
  • These are a characteristic feature of adult male Sulawesi warty pigs.
  • The painting has been done using a red ochre pigment.
  • The painting depicts that the pig is observing a fight or social interaction between two other warty pigs.
  • These pigs were the commonly portrayed animal in the ice age rock art of the Sulawesi Island.

Sulawesi Island

  • It is one among the four Greater Sunda Islands.
  • The island is governed by Indonesia.
  • It is world's eleventh-largest island.
  • The Island is situated east of Borneo island, west of the Maluku Islands and south of Mindanao & Sulu Archipelago.
  • Within Indonesia, only Sumatra, Borneo and Papua are larger in territory than this island while the Java and Sumatra have larger populations than this island has.
  • Sulawesi landmass includes four peninsulas namely, northern Minahasa Peninsula, East Peninsula, South Peninsula and the Southeast Peninsula.
  • These peninsulas are separated by three gulfs namely, Gulf of Tomini Tolo Gulf and the Bone Gulf.
  • The Strait of Makassar also runs along the western side of the island which separates Sulawesi from Borneo.


Islam is the majority religion in the island. The conversion of the lowlands of the south western peninsula (South Sulawesi) to Islam happened in early 17th century. The kingdom of Luwu in the Gulf of Bone was the first to accept Islam.

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